Happy Birthday to meeee, Part I


My kids know me so well…they forced their scent-averse father to take them to Bath & Body Works to pick out a birthday present for me.

They picked out White Citrus – they did so good! It’s not the type of scent that I would normally pick for myself, but I like it a lot. It actually reminds me of my mother. She preferred citrus scents. Her favorite was Love’s Baby Soft Lemon. (Did that just bring you back to the 80s or what?) If she was still alive, this is the scent she would be wearing…

My husband’s present to me is winding its way through the postal system…I can’t wait to share it!




I also received this handpainted Garden Gnome from Dr. Delta. Notice the anatomically accurate lumpectomy scar. I shall christen him him “Lumpy.”

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