I Can’t Stop


I can find a deal anywhere.

Picking up some dinner and ice cream making supplies after work, I couldn’t resist checking to see if there were any clearance polishes. A friend of mine had spied a massive amount of $1.00 – $1.50 polishes on clearance at a different HEB, so I rolled the dice at mine. I found a few $1.00 polishes…2 Maybelline Color Show Holographic polishes – “Mystic Green” and “Blue Blaze.” I also got a little bottle of Rimmel 60 Second in “Blue Eyed Girl” for a future project.

St. Ives Scrubs were also $1 off, so I tried the new varieties – “Pink Lemon and Mandarin Orange” and “Oatmeal Scrub & Mask.” I was also out of Sea Breeze.

And Dr. Delta…because I had a $1.50 off coupon, I bought the friggin’ Eucerin! ARE YOU HAPPY NOW?!?!?

3 Comments to I Can’t Stop

  1. Delta says:


    You will thank me for this, trust me. I use it every morning, rain or shine on my face, decolletage, hands and arms.

  2. Erin says:

    What exactly do you do with Sea Breeze?

    • Lara says:

      I use it on my face occasionally, if it’s really oily and I am breaking out….but for now, I have been breaking out between my boobs, where they squish together. I need to dry it out!

      TMI Alert…

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