Red Marker Sale


After harassing my husband about the mail for the past week, I finally received my spoils from the Julep “Red Marker Sale”, back on June 12th. Dozens of polishes for $2-$4, plus a bunch of other random junk – makeup, jewelry, phone cases, etc.

I controlled myself and only got 6 polishes: “Dahlia” from “The Rebel Set” Boho Glam October 2013 box – goldenrod microglitter; “Annemarie” from “The Boudoir Collection” It Girl January 2014 box – warm cocoa crème; “Kimberly” a Boho Glam from the “Speckled for Spring” Mystery Box – lavender with black specks; “Zoe”, a Boho Glam, but I cannot figure out which collection – smoky burnt umber metallic, “Sabrina” from the “Simply Bewitching” Classic with a Twist October 2012 box – zesty orange shimmer crackle; and “Shoshanna” from “The Glitterati Collection” It Girl box – full-coverage yellow holographic glitter. Phew!

I also got Pout Plumping Lip Gloss in “Arousal”neutral, rosy-brown with pink pearl – $4.

All this for $16, NO SHIT!

I hope you’re looking forward to lots of new pictures of my fingernails!

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  1. Erin says:

    Ooh, I have Kimberly too and it’s awesome foe Easter season. Just like robin eggs! I got lots of compliments.

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