Black Dove


Regardless of what plans I have made regarding my nails, if I get a new polish, I might just drop all those plans and go for the new polish.

I LOVED Zoya “Harlow” and I love Zoya “Dovima” even more. It is a soft matte black, like the wings of a black dove. As my husband said, “It’s fucking badass!” He wants me to do a manicure of the color he is gonna paint his project car – neon green, with matte black racing stripes. Finally – he’s interested in my nails…

I’m a rulebreaker, so again I used a base coat – Zoya Anchor – and then two coats of “Dovima” – application was smooth and almost flawless.

I was curious about the name “Dovima” so I googled her and immediately recognized her…or maybe not her specifically, but her image as the epitome of 50s high fashion – “Dovima” is the perfect name for this polish.

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