Climbing the Social Ladder


After removing the foul “Italian Leather”, doing 7 loads of laundry, heating up dinner, paying bills and other assorted household chores, I needed a quick fix for my nails. No nail art, multiple colors or textures to coordinate. No fussy cremes that take forever to dry…

I picked Sinful Colors “Social Ladder”, a pale pink shimmer. It looks almost white in the picture, but it is pinker in real life. It’s a perfect Bridal polish. As my husband said, “It’s a little bit understated for you.” Every once in a while, I need to pretend to be normal. It was exactly what I was looking for – Sinful Colors Base Coat, 2 quick coats of “Social Ladder” and “HK Girl”. Wham, bam, dry and I went to bed…and proceeded to lay there for two hours, tossing and turning. Well fuck.

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