Julep Melody


Roy G. Biv lasted SO long – it still looked good, but I wanted a change…

For some reason, I have a preponderance of purples in my unused stash, so I decided to try Julep “Julep” first. “Julep” is their signature color, received as a bonus in my September box. It’s a creme, but I wouldn’t call it a full creme – it’s thinner, almost a jelly. The formula was the best Julep creme I’ve tried. After Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, I did two coats. Not a bubble ANYWHERE. I decided to jazz it up by adding Julep “Melody” –  an iridescent, high gloss, glitter top coat – to my thumb and ring finger. It was a freebie in my November box. I finished up with “HK Girl”.

This is an odd polish – it seems like a pastel, but it’s deeper and very wintery. You might notice how short my nails are…I chopped them for my upcoming Black Friday fishing trip…that’s right – probably no Black Friday shopping for me – maybe I’ll be able to get a cell signal off the coast of Louisiana? Shocking, I know…but I have no appetite for those crowds. I know I’m a shopaholic – but those people are NUTS.

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