Obligatory Snow Manicure

I can’t let the season pass without making my nails a winter wonderland!

I pulled out one of my oldest polishes for the base – Urban Decay “Strip”. I can’t remember exactly when I got this polish, but it was probably 12+ years ago. It still had the price tag on it – I bought it at Nordstrom for $9.50. Remember when Nordstrom was the only place you could buy Urban Decay? Anyway, it’s a beautiful icy silver foil. I needed just one coat over Orly Bonder for full coverage. No one makes polishes like this anymore! I then dipped and dabbed Funky Fingers “Elsa” to get the snow flakes. (I gave up by the time I got the middle finger on my right hand – ain’t nobody got time fo dat!) I finished with “HK Girl”, but I still have a few snowflake edges sticking up – they got all caught in my hair when I was washing it this morning. I was even able to find a glass ball to match my nails. There really isn’t a sophisticated way to hold a huge ball, is there?

So, yeah – I have decade old+ polishes – anyone else? Please share so I don’t feel quite so bad about my nail polish hoarding…

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