Platinum Perk – Urban Decay VICE Lipstick

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Another Platinum Perk from Ulta – am I gonna get one every week?

It was obvious from the outside of the box that I would be getting something from Urban Decay‘s new line of VICE lipstick. But what?

I carefully opened the outside box and pulled out the folder to find 24 samples of VICE lipstick. That’s a lot of lipstick…but nothing compared to the 100 lipsticks that make up the whole line. There are shades from every color family – purple, pink, red, brown and nude. There are different finishes – sheer, cream, matter and metallized. I better get my lip brush ready to break into all those little pods…

There’s also a folded up insert, featuring Ruby Rose (gorgeous), with all 100 shades shown. I was pleased as punch to find that 1993 (my new favorite shade) is part of the permanent collection.

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