Nutcrackin’ Beaches

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I just couldn’t stay away from Funky Fingers “Aloha Beaches” – I had to have more.

Actually, I wanted “Aloha Beaches” on my toes – to match my new Flamingo swimsuit. So after doing my toes, I decided to use it on my fingers. After Sinful Colors Base Coat and two coats of “Aloha Beaches”, I decided to get all fancy with a coat of Funky Fingers “Son of a Nutcracker”. Yes, I know it is a Xmas polish…but it’s green and pink and white and silver glitter – I had to do it. I finished with “HK Girl”. All the top coats changed the demi-matte finish of “Aloha Beaches”, but it’s still pretty, pretty.

This combination has lasted like a champ. I did it last Sunday night and I’ve been too busy to change it…I’ve got some edge wear, but that’s it. YASSSSS!

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