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Julep “Neely” was my second pick from the huge mystery box haul. I was just drawn to this sparkling cranberry full-coverage glitter…like a soccer mom is drawn to the glitter aisle at Hobby Lobby.

I started – of course – with Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat. “Neely” was almost full coverage in one coat, but I went for two coats. Holy shit – it’s perfect! The formula was the perfect consistency – not too thick or goopy. I didn’t get clumps of glitter – just smooth coverage. No chunky, sharp edges either. This is one of the best full coverage glitters I’ve ever used. Once I added “HK” Girl, the shine was off the charts. It was long lasting, too – I wore if through my move – nearly a whole week. It bit the dust when I started cleaning, then unpacking and washing dishes – all that Fabuloso and water made my nails start peeling and the tips got absolutely shredded. It will take my nails several months to recover from the move. It would be a tragedy if I didn’t love my new place so much.

I want everything I own to be covered in “Neely” – my phone, my car, my bed, my dog, my shoes…ESPECIALLY my shoes.

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