March Julep Maven Box – Spring To It

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I was a little bit heartbroken when I open this month’s Julep box and found that there was no insert describing this month’s box – “Spring to It”. I don’t really do anything with it after I read it, but I like having it. No candy either, although there were a few bonus Julep One-Step Nail Polish Remover Pads. That’s something I guess.

I got over my heartbreak as soon as I remembered what was in my box – Bombshell “Lara”, shell pink with gold shimmer. Yes, I finally got my very own Julep polish. I’m so happy I could shit! I also picked Boho Glam “Rosemary”, modern brick creme (dried blood, if you ask me). I also got Mighty Nail & Cuticle Serum. I was expecting it to have a scent, but it doesn’t smell like anything. It’s much lighter than cuticle oil, and it doesn’t get all over everything.

I can’t wait to try my namesake polish!

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  1. […] – modern brick creme – is nearly a perfect match for these bricks. She’s from this month’s box. I’m digging a more “normal” manicure than I’ve had the past several weeks. […]

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