Girly Nails


Before you even say it…I know. This is girly…WAY girly – like little girly. My fingernails look like a Hello Kitty Valentine – but I like it.

Sinful Colors “Glass Pink” may be my new favorite light pink. It’s like the pink version of “Cinderella”. “Glass Pink” is sheer, but it masks my stained nails.

Sinful Colors “Decadent” may be my new favorite red glitter. I don’t say that lightly – I have at least a dozen different red glitters. I have an idea…I need to have a GLITTER-OFF! Red glitters fight to the death!

Again, I used Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and Top Coat – they work well with most polishes and don’t seem to cause bubbles or curtaining…


Click Your Heels


When I first heard about Julep “Martina” – Ruby for July, my first though was Martina Navratilova. That makes no sense at all, does it? “Martina” is actually named for Martina McBride…again, I am drawing a blank.

“Martina” is even more Ruby Slippers-like than Julep “Ruby Slippers” – how is that even possible? It’s a deep ruby glitter – almost matte. It’s very similar to Zoya “Chyna” – but without the texture.

Like I did with Julep “Claudia”, I started with Sally Hansen Diamond Shine and did two coats – no top coat. Next time I’ll try a top coat, because it wasn’t shiny at all.

It’s time to cut my nails – after less than 12 hours, the tips are already starting to chip. The tips of my nails have peeled too much and nothing will stick. I guess I know what I’m doing tonight…


Peridot is Not Boring

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I always used to think that Peridot was the most boring of the birthstones – just a muddy light green, nothing compared to May’s brilliant Emerald.

Julep “Claudia” – Peridot for August totally changed my mind. Just look at this glitter! The lime green glitter not only has a few emerald flecks, but fiery orange flecks as well. I cannot stand how awesome this polish is…it’s like blinding me.

I used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine for the base coat, but didn’t use a top coat so I could enjoy the dusty texture. “Claudia” isn’t as textured as a pixie dust or sand polish, but you can definitely feel the glitter. FEEL THE GLITTER – that is my new motto…


My Best Friend Thinks I’m an Idiot


For some reason, my BFF thinks I’m an idiot…is it because I keep buying more Julep polishes? I have it on good authority that she is also expecting a Julep shipment…with 4 polishes!

I took advantage of the August 8th Magic Eightball Coupon to get 50% off these two polishes from Julep’s Birthstone Collection. “Martina” – Ruby for July is named after Martina McBride. I know she’s a country singer, but I couldn’t name one of her songs if I had a gun to my head. “Claudia” – Peridot for August is named for Claudia Schiffer, the 90s supermodel. Is she still alive?

I am Peridot-ing my fingers as soon as I click “Publish”.


Bling It On


Sometimes I feel like nail polish namers aren’t even trying. China Glaze “Bling It On” is a lovely, sparkly polish, but it hardly qualifies as “bling”. You can’t have “bling” without gold or silver or diamonds or something you would find inside of Lil Wayne’s mouth. Instead, it looks like crazy cool bathroom graffiti.

I didn’t swatch the polish before putting it on my fingers, so I wasn’t expecting a clear base. Oops…I guess you get to enjoy my yellow nail tips. This polish would look really nice with a light blue polish like Sinful Colors “Cinderella” or over a black polish.

Again, I used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine as the base coat and NYC “Grand Central Station” as a top coat. Good news – no curtaining!




This is for all my friends with nail envy….sometimes my nails just end up looking like ASS.

I was so excited about my Sinful Colors haul, that I decided to try to use all the colors. DON’T try all the colors!

After Sally Hansen Diamond Shine, I put on 2 coats of “Let Me Go” – it’s a purplish pink with a blue tinge in the bottle, but it is much sheerer on the nail. I used “Super Star” as an accent on my thumb – royal blue jelly base with vibrant purple glitter – and “Decadent” on my ring finger – fuchsia glitter in various sizes. I topped with NYC In a New York Color Minute “Grand Central Station”. Unfortunately, I started doing stuff too quickly and the edges curtained. Curtaining occurs when the top layer is dry, but the layers underneath aren’t and the whole top layer moves on the nail and creates a wrinkled edge, like sweeping a curtain with a sash. It happens more often with cremes and I thought this shimmer would be safe. Nope.

I really like “Decadent” over “Let Me Go”, but the “Super Star” doesn’t match AT ALL. This shit has to go…


It’s Sinning Time Again


It’s that time again…99 cent Sinful Colors at Walgreen’s!

I showed amazing restraint and picked up just 4 polishes. I’m thinking that the restraint may have been because I had the whole family there…real alcoholics prefer to drink alone, don’t they?

Lily is modeling our new polishes – “Super Star” – a royal blue jelly base with vibrant purple glitter; “Let Me Go” – a color shifting iridescent pink with a hint of blue (my husband’s pick); “Decadent” – different sized fuchsia glitter in a clear base (my BFF’s favorite glitter topper and Lily’s pick); and “Glass Pink” – pale pink shimmer.

Can I control myself for the rest of the week?


Birchbox Limited Edition CEW Boxes


Every time Birchbox comes out with a Limited Edition Box…just take my money. TAKE MY MONEY, Birchbox! With the Modern Mermaid box, I acted like I might not buy it and waited a few weeks. I didn’t even bother waiting to buy the Limited Edition 2014 CEW boxes – I bought them the first day they were available – $28 for both boxes is quite a deal. All of the products were finalists in this year’s CEW Insider’s Choice Beauty Awards.

The Mass Appeal Box contains stuff you can find at any drugstore or grocery store: a travel size Dove Go Fresh Restore Body Wash; a full size Simple Protecting Light Moisturizer with SPF 15L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Butterfly Mascara (I got one of these a while back in my Target Beauty Box, but I just opened it last week – I love it…it’s better than Urban Decay Perversion!); Vaseline Lip Therapy Rosy Lips (I hate sticking my finger in lip balm); Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Lip Gloss in “Spring Splendor”; and a full size TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Keratin Infusing Serum. What a great box!

The Prestige Headliners Box contains higher end brands: Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Crème; Josie Maran Cosmetics 100% Pure Argan Oil Light (more goat poop oil!) ; 100% Pure Creamy Nail Polish in “Seafoam”; philosophy miracle worker overnightCOOLA Environmental Repair Plus Radical Recovery After-Sun Lotion (I got this in my May Birchbox – love this stuff after a hot day at the pool); and two lifestyle extras – a pocket mirror and pedicure toe separators.

In LOATHE paying shipping, so I added something I needed to my order – another Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in “Soft Brown”. I also got 2 mystery samples that I had already gotten in boxes – a Cynthia Rowley Beauty silver eyeliner (April) and suki “Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser” (June).

Two great boxes…you gotta get these!



Trippin’ Disco Balls


First off, be assured that the pictures does not do my nails justice. I couldn’t quite capture the Disco Ball prism magic with my camera…I usually have no problem getting a nice glitter shot, but the glitter here is so fine that it’s hard to see.

This is Julep “Coretta” – Diamond for April. It’s like a Disco Ball on my fingers. Seriously…I could stare at this polish for HOURS and just watch the colors change.

I used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine for the base coat, but I didn’t use a top coat, because I wanted to keep the slightly sandy texture.

Taste the rainbow…



August Ipsy Bag – Beauty Schooled


I received my Birchbox and Ipsy Bag on Thursday and I was just overwhelmed with goodies, so I’m just now getting around to posting my Ipsy…

August’s bag theme is “Beauty Schooled” and came with a cute barrel-shaped bag. The Urban Decay Perversion Mascara saved this bag – the rest of the contents are just so-so: Glamglow Youthmud Tingleexfoliate Treatment (they sure do like making compound words); Jersey Shore Sun “Mongongo” Lip Conditioner (I was confused until I looked at the tube and it explained – Mandarin Orange Ginger…It smells awesome – I’ve been using it before I go to bed); Lord & Berry Silk Kajal Kohl Eye Pencil (Used this yesterday and it did a GREAT smoky eye) ; and Manna Kadar Cosmetics Sheer Glo (I have no idea what to do with this product).

I tried the Perversion Mascara…it’s good, but no better than half the mascaras I own. It didn’t clump and it was black – that’s about it.

If you’d like to try Ipsy – click here. I’ll earn 250 points if you sign up through my link.