Arrest Me Red


When in doubt, ask Facebook.

I put it out there last night that I couldn’t decide what color to paint my nails and the first response that I got was “Arrest Me Red” – which sparked my trip to Walgreens to find a “better” red than the dozen or so I already had…so THIS is what “Arrest Me Red” looks like. I used Sinful Colors “Under 18” and Sally Hansen Gem Crush “Cha-Ching!” for the party nail.

I actually used to drive an “Arrest Me Red” 2001 Mercury Cougar. I never got arrested while driving it and I only got one speeding ticket in it…but, to be fair, I was speeding so much, that I couldn’t even take Defensive Driving to get out of the ticket (92 in a 65). I blame Pantera, not the car. Listening to Pantera gets your ass in TROUBLE.


Sinful Shopping


I don’t always shop at Walgreen’s…but when I do…I buy a bunch of shit I don’t need.

I couldn’t resist Sinful Colors Nail Polish on sale for 99 cents (It’s $1.99 usually – still pretty cheap, even though it’s as good as OPI). I picked up “Under 18” (deep shimmery red), “Sugar Sugar” (an even deeper shimmery red, with microglitter) and “Starry Night” (black with silver holographic glitter). They didn’t have my BFF’s favorite color – fuchsia glitter in black polish…I WANT it.

I needed more red polish – I only have a dozen or so bottles!

I also picked up a bunch of clearance Easter candy: Speckled Jelly Eggs for my husband and chocolate for me – Ghiradelli Squares and Russell Stover Eggs. Mmmmmm…


Minty Fresh Nails


As I was squirting it onto my toothbrush last night, I was struck by how well my fingernails matched my toothpaste. My toothpaste even has mini bright strips that mimic the glitter on my thumb and ring finger. If you’re interested…Colgate MaxWhite with Mini Bright Strips. As far as I can tell, those strips don’t do shit.

My minty look is 2 coats of Zoya “Dillon”, with Zoya “Monet” on my “party nails”. (Doesn’t “party nail” sound so much better than “accent nail”?)

This minty color is EVERYWHERE. My favorite candle – Bella “Island Moonlight” – is this color. There was a Hyundai this color behind me on the highway on the way home…why do I feel so paranoid all of a sudden?


Easter Shopping


Remember when stores used to be closed on holidays? Easter is one of the few holidays that still closes some stores – HEB and Target are closed today, but Ulta was open. Do a lot of people go buy makeup after Easter Sunday service?

I got a ladyboner yesterday when I got an Ulta sale mag in the mail yesterday. Most of it was fragrances for Mother’s Day, but there was one special that caught my eye – Buy 2 Zoya polishes and get a free Zoya “Monet”, a multi-colored, cellophane holographic special effect topper. Plus, I still had a $5 off $15 coupon. I picked up “Cassedy” (full-coverage celestial pewter metallic from the Zenith Winter Collection) and “Dillon” (full-coverage green mint metallic with silver shimmer from the Awaken Spring 2014 collection). I also got a sample of it’s a 10 miracle leave in product – what does that even mean?

I couldn’t wait to try “Monet”, so I used it on my middle fingernails, over Julep “Tatum”. NOW, my Easter Grass nails are complete.


Easter Grass


Doesn’t Julep “Tatum” look like Easter grass?

Easter grass is verboten in our house…if you’ve never pulled a strand of Easter grass out of a feline’s bunghole – you don’t know what you’re missing! Trust me, they like it even less than you do…

In lieu of Easter grass, I’ll make do with Easter grass nails…


Divine Makeup Bags


I didn’t NEED any more makeup bags…but since when does NEED have anything to do with it?

I was at Ross, buying some tie shoes for Lily – shoes with laces, for those who don’t speak “kindergartner”. After looking through the beauty section and managing not to buy anything, I was standing in the exceedingly long checkout line and I saw these beauties in a bin by the registers. I love Betsey Johnson and I love flamingos, so I knew I would be buying them before I even saw the price tag. The Department Store tag said $68, so I don’t feel bad about paying $18.99 for the set.

Lily is so cute…she asked if the little one was for her. I may have said, “Hell no!” a little too quickly…she looked really sad. So in addition to trying to find a set for my BFF, now Lily wants one, too.



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Is it purple? Or is it bronze? Is it mauve? Or maybe it is copper? Rose gold? I can’t figure it out. Zoya “Faye” is an enigma!

This polish takes on totally different colors, depending on the room you’re in. In the bathroom, it was purple. In the living room, it was copper. I was wearing a pink sweater today and the polish looked rose. I took this picture outside, to get the best range of colors.

Zoya “Faye” reminds me of Moroccan decor. It makes me want to belly dance. Are you laughing at me?


April Birchbox – Rainy Days


Birchbox’s theme is “Rainy Days” and came with a dumb tip for how to spend a rainy day – go online and buy an umbrella. Really?

Other than that ridiculous tip, the box is really cool.

A little nail polish from Color Club, Gala’s Gems Collection – “Aquamarine Azulino“. (I have no idea who Gala Gonzalez is, but I guess she is famous enough to curate a set of nail polish.)

Silver Eyeliner from Cynthia Rowley Beauty. Birchbox let me pick between black and silver and since I have a dozen black eyeliners, I went for silver.

Keims Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo, which I may bring with me when I go to Chicago in a few weeks.

Kenyan Coffee Face Polish, Body Scrub and Hydrating Face Oil with Kola Nut by nyakio. I am guilty of over-exfoliating and am cutting back right now, but I am really anxious to try these. I’m going to force myself to wait until the weekend because of the caffeine content…I am SUPER sensitive to caffeine.

KIND Snacks Healthy Grains Bar in Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt – breakfast tomorrow!

This might very well be the BEST Birchbox yet!

If you would like to try Birchbox, click on my referral link – https://www.birchbox.com/invite/5453f – I’ll get 50 points if you join.



April Ipsy Bag – Beauty Rocks


I get so excited when I see that key in my mailbox – it means that there’s something for me…and today it was that pretty fuchsia bubble mailer.

Ipsy’s April theme is “Beauty Rocks”. The makeup bag is brilliant purple nylon, with a record player on it. Inside my bag: Benefit lollitint in “Candy Orchid”, Cailyn Tinted Lip Balm, Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide-On Eye Pencil Travel Size, City Color White Gold Shadow & Highlight Mousse and KISS Looks So Natural Lashes. Except for the fake lashes, I’m totally jazzed about everything in the bag. I am skeptical about Benefit, but I love lip stain. It’s unlikely that I’ll use it on my cheeks, but I’ll definitely use it on my lips.

All this for $10…the value of what I received is far more than $10, probably more like $25. I don’t really understand Ipsy’s business model, but I like it!

If you’d like to try Ipsy – click here. I’ll earn 250 points if you sign up through my link.


I got Issues


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I forgot to go to the bathroom after my son’s allergist appointment and Ulta had the closest bathroom. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

I knew I couldn’t make it to my next stop – in 5 o’clock traffic – so I HAD to stop…and use my $5 off $15 coupon. I picked up Zoya “Faye” and China Glaze “It’s a Trap-eze”. I was going to get 2 Zoyas, but Lily BEGGED for the China Glaze because RAINBOW GLITTER, so I went ahead and got it “for her”. (I still have one more $5 off coupon.) You can’t really tell from the picture, but “Faye” is a chameleon purple/copper shimmer – it’s hot.

After Ulta, I had to get a prescription from Target. I live for the clearance endcaps at Target. It just so happens that the endcap right by the pharmacy had hundreds of 50% off nail polishes. I showed considerable restraint in only getting one today – Sally Hansen Gem Crush “Glitz Gal”.

I had planned to paint my nails tonight, but Zoya polish doesn’t chip – my Disco “Bobbi” nails still look good! I’m thinking slamming my hand in the car door tomorrow, to ensure I need a repaint…