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“Lindy” chipped really quickly for a Julep polish…so I was happy to try out one of my new birthday polishes from my husband. China Glaze‘s new line of polishes is called Crinkled Chrome and I figured it would simply be a smooth metallic finish polish…was I ever wrong!

The Crinkled Chrome polish IS a metallic finish, but as soon as I put it on, I thought it was bubbling…but it wasn’t bubbles. As the polish dried, I figured out that Crinkled Chrome is an opaque polish, full of glitter – micro glitter and bar glitter. The glitter makes the metallic finish look like crumpled aluminum foil…or is it “crinkled” aluminum foil?

The big problem with this polish is the texture. Originally, I was going to say that the texture was like sandpaper, but it’s not quite that rough. More than anything, it feels like Velcro. When I touch fabric – it sticks to my fingernails. When I run my fingers through my hair, it yanks my hair out. China Glaze managed to invent the first Velcro nail polish!

It’s a damn shame – I love the color, “Don’t Be Foiled”. It’s not quite teal and not quite baby blue. It’s a perfect mellow blue. Maybe it will be less Velcro-y on my toes?




I loved my “Betty”, but I had enough microscopic chips to rationalize redoing my nails after 3 days.

With 6 new polishes in the past week, it was a hard choice…but I settled on “Lindy” from my Cupid Mystery Box. I’m not usually the sheer pink type. “Lindy” is an interesting polish. It’s sheer pink, but instead of regular glitter, there’s bigger pieces of sheer iridescent material. The matte finish looks faceted, but is smooth to the touch. This was also one of the quickest drying Julep polishes I’ve used – I didn’t even need to use the Quick Dry Drops.

The finish was so subtle, I actually had to step onto my back porch to get a picture in natural lighting.

I like “Lindy”, but I don’t love “Lindy.” I predict a redo tomorrow.


Ooooohhh Betty


Since I took my Julep boxes 3 months in a row, Julep sent me a coupon for a free nail polish. I snatched up “Betty” – Garnet for January, from the new Birthstone Collection. The polish is named for Betty White, a January baby.

If I get a coupon every 3 months…I’ll be a happy girl.

A bit goopier than the usual glitters, it clumped up a little bit on the second coat, but it’s still gorgeous. Red, purple and FUCHSIA glitter – full coverage. A few of the glitter bits are sharp – I could see this polish snagging pantyhose, so be CAREFUL.


Sucker for Gimmicks


I couldn’t handle it…I had another coupon burning a hole in my pocket, so I broke down and bought a bottle of Revlon Parfumerie – scented nail polish. I really wanted the “African Tea Rose”, because I LOVE rose scented stuff, but it was creme hot pink and I already have a shitload of hot pink. (I reserve the right to buy it in the future.) I went with “Surf Spray”, a shimmery bright blue.

Since I just did the glitter tips, I talked Lily into letting me paint her fingers and toes exclusively in “Surf Spray.” It was a hard sell – she has a hard time deciding on a single color, so I promised that we could put glitter on in a few days, after the smell wore off. It vaguely smells like a beachy air freshener, but mostly smells like fingernail polish. I fell for the gimmick again. That last time Revlon came out with scented nail polish, I bought a bottle of red glitter that was supposed to smell like watermelon. The Jolly Rancher Watermelon smell lasted for about 30 minutes. We’ll see how long the “Surf Spray” smell lasts…

I thought I was being slick by wearing latex gloves to take off Lily’s old polish, but somehow, it got through the latex and smudged two of the fingernails on my right hand. FUCK. The Walking Dead is back tonight and I don’t have time to redo my nails…I’ve got zombies to concentrate on. Besides, I’ve got a birthday present and a Cupid Mystery Box coming in a few days…


Glitter Tips


So Erin requested “Glitter Tips”…

I started with a base coat of Julep “Kristy” – an inky midnight blue/black. Seriously, this stuff reminds me of the India Ink I used for my first tattoo. I wore it for a day and decided to jazz it up by adding glitter tips in Sally Hansen “Mermaid’s Tail.”

I had the bright idea of using blue painter’s tape to make a clean line for the tips. That was probably overkill…next time, I’ll try painting it freehand. Of course, the painter’s tape left a clean line – a little too clean, so I put a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash Topcoat over it to smooth things out.

All in all, I’m happy with the result…I feel all fancy and shit.


I Love “Love”


I love, LOVE, love “Love”.

The finish is so dreamy, like gold lamé, flecked with fuchsia glitter.

“Love” is my new favorite polish!

I wish I had more fingers…


Glinda’s Bubble


Since I will probably be repainting my fingernails within a day or so (Maven Box!!!), I took a quick pic of my paint job from last Friday. Yup, this paint job is 4 days old and still looks good.

I used Julep “Brenda” – 2 coats. In the bottle it looks like white opalescent shimmer, but it looks like opalescent rose gold on my nails. It reminds me of Glinda’s bubble from The Wizard of Oz, just slightly less pink. I love how it gives the appearance of a french manicure. This may become my favorite “don’t have time to repaint for 2 weeks” paint job.


No Rules for Lily


Like most 5 year olds, my daughter Lily doesn’t follow “rules” – she has her own style. She chose Revlon’s Break-up (their version of Crackle) as the basecoats. Half her fingernails used the basecoat “Fatal”, but she wanted the crackle topcoat “Attraction” as a basecoat. It actually worked okay and didn’t crackle. She then picked two of her own glitters as a second coat. (Santa brought her a cheapo Color Concepts set, so they have no names. I’ll call them fuchsia glitter and turquoise glitter.)

Again, they turned out very cute…is it the fuchsia?

Next project…figuring out how to paint the dog’s nails…


Vegas Nails

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This is one of my favorite paint jobs since I started painting my fingernails again recently. (I had always kept my nails painted…until I had kids. I spent so much time with my fingers in mouths that I stopped painting my nails and just concentrated on toenails…until I discovered Julep.)

We took the kids on their first trip to Vegas over Xmas break and I decided that I needed something snazzy, so I started with a base coat of Julep “Nellie” and topped with Julep “Aviva.” No top coat! For just a two coat application, this paint job went without chips far longer than I expected – a full week. That’s what I love about Julep – it is absolutely the longest lasting polish I have encountered.

Those who know me in person have learned to expect a lot of fuchsia. Ever since I bought my “Furious Fuchsia” Challenger, I go to great lengths to get stuff that matches my car. Yes, I have been called RIDICULOUS on more than one occasion…but I LOVE fuchsia.