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The Dude Abides…and Glitters…


This fingernail polish really pulls the room together…

Behold Funky Fingers “Gnarly, Dude”. It’s a solar polish that is supposed to change color in sunlight.

Indoors, “Gnarly, Dude” is a pink jelly with a veritable Hobby Lobby Bukkake of glitter. (I just want Hobby Lobby to be forever linked with “bukkake”, kinda like what happened with “Santorum”. Please don’t Google “bukkake”, Grandma.) There’s silver glitter, pink glitter, holographic hex glitter, black hex glitter – every kind of glitter, just globbed on my fingernails.


I suspected it was a specious claim, but “Gnarly, Dude” proved me wrong – it did EXACTLY what it was supposed to! Sunlight turned the pink jelly dark purple – almost black. In fact, this picture was taken after cloudy sun. I went outside at high noon full sun and my nails were very nearly black.

I used Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat in case of staining. I covered with a thick coat of Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat, but it still didn’t smooth the curling edges of the hex glitter. If you like smooth nails, this is not the polish for you.

This is a great summer polish, but the hex glitters do peel off easily, leaving blank spots. Luckily, it mends easily with a little dab from the brush.


Five Below Finds


I discovered a new store! It’s called Five Below and it’s a dollar store – or technically, a five dollar store – because everything is under five dollars. Five Below is bright and clean and full of cheap crap from China, so in other words – very dangerous for me.

I got a Frozen T-shirt and some hair clips for my daughter.

I got macaroni and cheese duck tape and a “No Farting” button for my son.

I got matching Jason Hockey mask socks for my BFF and I…what am I forgetting?


OH YEAH…nail polish. Five Below has an exclusive brand of nail polish called “Funky Fingers”, which is produced by Color Club. The regular colors are 3/$5, but I picked up a couple of bottles from the solar collection at 2/$5.

“Cowabunga” is a hot pink that is supposed to turn red in the sun. “Gnarly, Dude” is a clear base with pink and black glitter that is supposed to turn darker in the sun. Internet scuttlebutt is that they don’t work so well, but we shall see…