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Does it get Eddie Vedder?

LynB Designs “Does it get Eddie Vedder?” was my other pick from October’s Polish Pickup. It’s inspired by Weird Al parodies, Pearl Jam…and sweaters?

I could’ve swore this was a light purple polish, but all the descriptions refer to it as gray. Are my eyes getting that bad? In any case, it wasn’t the base color that drew me to this polish – it was that ELECTRIC BLUE SHIMMER. I could not stop looking at my hands.

This is two coats of “Does it get Eddie Vedder?” over Vibrant Scents Double Bond Base Coat in “Island Petals” and under Vibrant Scents Top Coat in “Island Petals”. I feel like I should’ve gone for three coats to get rid of that pesky visible nail line.


Polish Pickup October 2023 – 90’s Grunge

I might be addicted to the Polish Pickup…I keep telling myself that I can stop any time…

October’s theme is 90’s Grunge, which is right up my alley. It was a struggle to pick just a few of these!

Lyn B Designs “Does it Get Eddie Vedder?” ($13) is inspired by her love of Weird Al parodies, Pearl Jam, and sweaters. It’s a grey crelly with a shocking blue to purple shimmer.

Rogue Lacquer “Urban Decay” ($13) is inspired by…90s Urban Decay nail polishes. I still have a few of them – I hope they’re not all dried up. “Urban Decay” is a brown toned purple jelly base loaded with purple, magenta and orange flakes as well as a subtle flash of gold glass flakes.

Cuticula Limitless Top Coat in “Raspberry Pop” ($10) is a scented top coat. I cannot wait to see how it smells!

Stay tuned to see these polishes…