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So Pantone announced their 2015 “Color of the Year” – Marsala, described by Pantone as ‘a naturally robust and earthy wine red‘. Well, aren’t you so fancy, Marsala? Personally, I think it’s just an excuse for Sephora to sell makeup…but what do I know? I’ll go ahead and play along, I’m throwing my Marsala into the ring…

This is Sinful Colors “Hot Chili”. It’s definitely an ‘earthy wine red’, but also has holographic gold glitter. It’s not a smooth polish and really needs a good top coat – I used Sally Hansen Diamond Flash. For some reason, my thumb really started to bubble underneath the top coat and remained rough, but the rest of my fingernails are as smooth as glass. I wasn’t all that good at chemistry, so I have no godly clue why. Oh yeah, Sinful Colors Base Coat first.

I admit, I might be tempted if Sephora comes out with a Marsala set like the one that came out last year for Radiant Orchid. It doesn’t take me very much to be tempted by makeup – does Sephora take direct deposit?


Following in My Footsteps…


While the boyfriend is away…the BFFs will play.

We don’t usually go to the mall, but when we do – we Sephora. (And Nordstrom Rack and Victoria’s Secret and Bath & Body Works and you get the picture…) I have been hearing about lots of Kat Von D on clearance lately, so I was ecstatic to find the Esperanza Palette on clearance for $19! To be honest, I am more in love with Kat Von D’s packaging than the actually makeup, but I keep buying it anyway. I used this palette this morning and it faded quite a bit by lunch, but there was nowhere near as much fallout as the Chrysalis Palette. I’m going to try it with a primer next time.

I asked a girl who worked there if they carried Atelier there or if it was only online and she looked at me as if I asked for Jean Nate. Seriously? I am not a fragrance snob by any means, but really? I guess I need to hit Neiman Marcus to get a sniff…

I was smelling rollerballs and I happened to pick up Stella by Stella McCartney. Holy Fucking Shit – it’s the rose I’ve been looking for. I had my BFF smell it and she said, “It smells like you.” (Notice that she did NOT say it smelled good.) Of course, they were out of the rollerball. I wasn’t smitten enough to blow $52 on the bigger size, so I figured I could just order it online…but the website is also out of stock. I guess I’ll keep looking…


While I was rooting through the clearance bin, I wasn’t exactly paying attention to what my child was doing. I could see her right beside me in my peripheral vision, so I didn’t think anything of it. I grabbed 2 of the Esperanza Palettes and went to show my finds to my BFF. My child did not follow. I went back to get her and she was balls deep in applying makeup. To be fair, I think she was applying NARS blush when I found her, so she appears to have very expensive taste in cosmetics. I wonder where she got that from? I hope she didn’t get face cooties…


Bestest Bestie ever!


Did you know that I have the bestest bestie ever?

I was freaking out last week because she was in Vegas and we hadn’t hung out in a few weeks. At least we were still texting and I was living vicariously through her facebook posts. The problem was that she kept checking into Sephora to taunt me. I had been lusting after the Kat Von D Butterfly palettes for months, but I hadn’t even had a chance to go check it out in person yet…

So instead of a lame T-shirt or bumper sticker, she just bought my the Kat Von D “Chrysalis” palette! I got all verklempt and shit…

My vacation will be to Alaska in a few weeks…I don’t even think they have Sephora or Ulta there, so I guess I’ll be bringing her back Moose Jerky or Whale Blubber Soap or something?


Sephora Stop


Since I have known him…and really, since his early 20s, my husband has been a one fragrance man – “Tsar” by Van Cleef & Arpels. It’s a unique scent that you’ve probably never even heard of…but it’s unmistakably him.

Of course, the fragrance was discontinued several years ago and it’s getting harder and harder to find…and what we do find is OLD. How does he replace a unique scent that he’s been wearing for 20+ years?

So for my husband’s birthday back in December, I got him a gift set from Sephora with samples of 10-12 different fragrances, with a certificate for a full size of his favorite one. After trying several of them, we decided on “Uomo” by Ermengildo Zegna. (I know, I’ve never heard of it either.) I visited Sephora back in February (when I went to pick up the Big Girl Makeup) and they no longer carried it. WTF Sephora? I was going to call Sephora Customer Service and bitch about it, but I haven’t quite fully turned into my mother…yet.

In any case, we decided this morning that the runner up was “Bvlgari Man Extreme”. Whereas “Uomo” was somewhat similar to “Tsar”, “Extreme” is very different. It’s woodsy, but citrusy. So after a hectic hour at Build-A-Bear with Lily and Lexie, I stopped by and picked it up…the beginning of a new era?

While I was there, I also picked up a rollerball of Balenciaga “Rosabotanica”. Those who know me well, know I gravitate towards rose scents, much to the dismay of my husband. He thinks it makes me smell like his grandmother. As much as I’ve been put off by the Kristen Stewart “Rosabotanica” campaign, I had to have some. Next time you see me, please sniff me and give my your thoughts…