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Off My Game


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I must be off my game – when I picked up some polishes with my candy after VD, I accidentally bought a polish I already had – Sinful Colors “You Just Wait”. I didn’t check the site – I had bought it on Black Friday 2016. Oops.

Receipt in hand, I head back to different Walgreens. I was hoping for a different polish selection. It wasn’t fantastic, but it was enough for me to get some new polishes.

I ended up exchanging “You Just Wait” for “Pink Smart”, a plain pepto pink creme. I also found a new Sinful Colors Base Coat and Lily helped me pick three new polishes. I got “Starry Eyed” (looks to be left over from 4th of July), “Coco Bae” (a shimmery nude), and “Rise & Shine” (turquoise with a faint shimmer). I checked the site this time – I don’t have any of these.

Oh, and we also made the mistake of trying one of the new Diet Cokes – Zesty Blood Orange. Holy crap, did that stuff taste HORRIBLE. It was a cross between Alka Seltzer and EmergenC, plus that horrible aspartame aftertaste. I couldn’t even finish half of it. Blech.


Sucker Punch

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Sucker punch, bitch.

Sinful Colors “Sucker Punch” is one of the new polishes I picked up after VD. It’s not what I thought I was going to do – I thought I was going to use “You Just Wait” – until I realized that I already have that shade it and it is green/pink, not white/pink. I want white/pink, dammit!

I noticed that it was almost an exact match for the red/pink shimmer shade I had picked for my toes. (I don’t even know what colors is on my toes – I didn’t even think to ask the name of the shade.) Shari had come to visit me and we went for a pedicure, which was an amazing idea, since I can’t easily bend to reach my feet yet. I just picked a random China Glaze polish from the swatch sticks. Whatever polish it is, it’s an exact dupe for Sinful Colors “Sucker Punch”.

This is two coats of “Sucker Punch” over Sinful Colors Base Coat and topped with Glisten & Glow Base Coat. I think this polish would also look amazing with a matte top coat.


To VD or Not VD…

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Who am I kidding? We ALWAYS VD.

I had planned on using my fancy gold rose nail decals for a VD mani, but Lily really wanted to design matching nails for us, so I decided to have some fun with her. I did decline to let her paint my nails – sorry, hun.

I was shocked that she started with Sinful Colors Base Coat. I think I am finally rubbing off on her! She selected Sinful Colors “Sugar Sugar” and “Surreally Sweet” as alternating base colors. She assured me that I had to go with one coat of “Sugar Sugar” and two coats of “Surreally Sweet”. (I knew she was wrong about “Sugar Sugar”, but I let it go. As soon as I started with the top coats, I got bald spots – easy to fix though.) She showed me how to do an ombre of the two colors on my middle nail – it worked fantastically!

She picked Sinful Colors “I’m All In”, “Kissful Thinking” and Funky Fingers “Queen of Hearts” as toppers. “Kissful Thinking” is on our middle fingers, with “I’m All In” on our thumbs and ring fingers and “Queen of Hearts” on our index fingers and pinkies.

The finishing touch was Glisten & Glow Top Coat. Oh, did I mention that we were watching The Monkees the whole time we painted? I got her hooked!

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Nails aside, the REAL holiday at our house is February 15th. You know why.

We didn’t buy our kids a goddamn thing for VD. But immediately after school on the 15th, we loaded them into the truck and hit Walgreen’s. $10 each goes a long way when all the candy is 50% off!

I ended up spending more like $20 on myself, but I got the best stuff – Lindt Truffles, Russell Stover (the Elegant Collection, not the regular ones) and Godiva. This is just spoiling myself really, since my husband already brought me Bailey’s Strawberries & Cream and a bunch of European Chocolate from work. (Unfortunately, the special Loot Crate I ordered him in November hasn’t made it yet….boo.)

I was also treated to 3/$5 Sinful Colors! This store had a pitiful selection, but I did find 3 new colors – “Rorange” (red + orange?), “You Just Wait”, and “Sucker Punch”. I looked for a Sinful Colors Base Coat, but they didn’t have any…so weird.

I had amassed a $5 credit, too. I don’t even know how I did that. Who knows, but I LOVE Walgreen’s!


Go Eagles! (AKA Fuck Tom Brady)

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Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t give a shit about the sportsball. The only interesting thing about the Super Bowl are the commercials…and that I can get away with eating an entire brick’s worth of queso by myself. I usually don’t even bother picking a team to root for…unless I can root against Tom Brady. This past week has been torture, with every media outlet continuously sucking his dick. Notwithstanding his despicable personal life, he’s a fucking cheater. What the fuck, America?

ANYWAY, stepping down off my soapbox to talk about my Philadelphia Eagles nails. Google told me that their team colors are midnight teal, silver and black. Hmmmm…of course I can make that happen.

I use Sinful Colors “Calypso” as my midnight teal. After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I did two coats of “Calypso” on my thumb, middle and pinky. I used Sinful Colors “Queen of Beauty” for the silver – two coats on my index finger. I tried a coat of Sinful Colors “Teal Midnight” on my ring finger, but it was much too sheer. I did a coat of Sinful Colors “JadeKat” and it was much better. I then went old school and busted out the crackle top coat – Sally Hansen “Star Burst”. I used a thin coat over my index and ring fingers and it crackled right up. For a finishing touch, I used a dotting tool to paint dots with “Queen of Beauty” on my middle finger and Sinful Colors “Black on Black” on my pinky. After topping then all with Glisten & Glow Top Coat, they all looked marvelous.

My only annoyance is that “Calypso” photographs so darkly – it looks black!

Go Eagles! Make Brady eat balls!


Snow Princess

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It’s fucking cold. I feel like I can’t get warm…until I get into my car. For some reason, my car is hot. Then I’m driving and trying to take my jacket off. Dangerous, I know. This weather is going to kill me.

ANYWAY, I did Snow Princess nails. They are NOT Frozen nails, they are Snow Princess nails. There IS a difference.

After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I started with two coats of Sinful Colors “Tokyo Pearl”. I think “Tokyo Pearl” is my most used polish – I’ve used HALF the bottle. That’s like…$1 worth of nail polish! I topped them with Sinful Colors “Flake Out”, which is a silvery microglitter, with matte blue glitter and holographic star glitters. There weren’t enough stars – I was fishing for each one. It was so fucking annoying. I only got one star per nail, before I gave up. I finished up with Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

My cuticles need help. Please don’t even look at my index finger – it’s like my cuticle is taking over my whole fingernail – I need to melt and scrape it. My hands are dry, but I’m keeping them hydrated and lotioned up…but the hangnail struggle is real. I’m gonna try working on them before my next manicure…


Boudoir Nails

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Red matches everything, huh?

I had an AMAZING photo shoot with Paskey Boudoir in Dallas last week. In addition to shaving things I haven’t shaved in years, I wanted something special for my fingers and toes. I finally settled on Sinful Colors “Ruby Glisten”, a deep red glitter. Red is the one true neutral – it matches anything – from pearls and satin to sweatpants to nothing at all.

After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I painted two coats of “Ruby Glisten” and topped with Glisten & Glow Top Coat. An amazingly long lasting manicure – I got six full days of wear. The picture doesn’t do it justice – it was SO much shinier!


Festive AF

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What? More festive Xmas nails? Damn straight – I’m festive AF.

AF means ‘as fuck.’ All the cool kids are saying it. I heard my son say it. I’ll allow it. He did, however, inform me that I am no longer allowed to use the word “dank” – I.E. when I was talking about “dank memes” at McDonald’s and must have embarrassed him. Oh well.

I decided to go for a Xmas tree look – I feel like I’m obligated to do one every year. After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I laid down two coats of Sinful Colors “Vintage”. I topped with a single coat of Sinful Colors “Holiday Rebel” and then finished with Glisten & Glow Top Coat. It’s a very subtle Xmas look.


After Dark

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After all that color, I dialed it back to a textured charcoal gray with Sinful Colors “After Dark”. It’s another polish from the Kylie ‘Denim & Bling’ Collection. I didn’t test it out first – I just opened up the bottle and went to town. That’s one of the things I enjoy about new polishes – sometimes there’s a bit of mystery to how it will turn out when it dries. I had suspected a matte polish, but had no idea “After Dark” would deliver a beautiful Sandpaper texture.

This is two coats over Sinful Colors Base Coat, no top coat.

Doesn’t it remind you of a #2 pencil? It’s like spending hours filling in a scan-tron, and then you get pencil all over the edge of your hand. I’m glad I’m to the point in my life where I’ll never have to fill in another scan-tron again.




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Do you know what Sinful Colors “I Klove U” reminds me of? Clove Cigarettes!

I’ll admit it…when I first started smoking cigarettes, it was cloves. I thought I was so cool, with my shimmery brown Sampoernas. Listen children, it’s all fun and games until you start coughing blood. Years later, long switched to Marlboro Ultra Lights, my husband-to-be laughed at me when I told him I used to smoke cloves. Ehhhh…I ‘m not embarrassed – it was like a 90s Alternateen right of passage.

In any case, this is two coats of “I Klove U” over Sinful Colors Base Coat. It dried rather quickly and and smoothly, although it wasn’t as dry as I thought it was – I got a sheet impression in my right thumbnail. The edges are also starting to chip after 24 hours. Booooooo.


Bloody Angel

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Pretend it isn’t November 1st and that it’s October 31st. Thanks.

Dripping Blood is my favorite Halloween nail art. This year, I decided to mix it up and go with a matte white background. I started with two coats of Sinful Colors “Angelik” after Sinful Colors Base Coat. I painted the drips freehand with Sinful Colors “Undead Red”. Not a bad job, if you ask me. Someday, I’ll get off my ass and use one of my fancy brushes…

This paint job lasted quite a while…well, Friday to Monday.

Only 364 days until Halloween!