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September 2022 Sucreabeille Mini Subscription Bag

This will be my last Sucreabeille Subscription Bag for a while – between work and grad school and kids and Bandtober, I am short on time to enjoy all these scents!

September’s unreleased scent is “Spoopy”, which gives me a “butter melting on hot gingerbread” vibe. I want to eat it, not wear it.

I’ve already got a big rollerball of “Blood Drunk”, a musky pomegranate.

“Why Use Many Word When Few Do Trick?” is from the Dunder Mifflin Collection. It smells like Big Red gum to me! So cinnamon-y.

“Ruthless B-Word” is a lot to handle – the lychee scent smacks you in in the face. Hard. There’s a bit of orange, but nope – it’s that weird lychee candy in a bowl at the donut shop.

“Xanadu” has strong notes of pine – maybe that is why it smells like Pine-Sol on my skin? I assume it’s the lavender that smells like Ant Bait. Not a fan.

“Philosopher’s Stone” is a Harry Potter themed scent – it smells like a dirty coffee cup…and rain. To be honest, I don’t hate it.

I don’t love these scents as much as previous month’s scents – it’s almost like I have fragrance overload. I am ready for a break.

The Mini Subscription used to be $15 + shipping, but recently increased to $28 + shipping. I felt a momentary pang to lose the original pricing, but I’ll cope. Click here for a $5 off coupon (for you AND me)!


August 2022 Sucreabeille Mini Subscription Bag

This month’s mini subscription bag breaks out the fall scents…It won’t be fall in Texas for at least three more months (December-ish maybe?), but it’s the thought that counts.

August’s unreleased scent is “It’s All Science if You Write Down What Happened” and it is a bit confusing to me. It’s got a hot apple toddy type of scent, but muted…and there are no notes of clove or cinnamon. I guess it’s just hot apple cider?

“Spiked Cider” smells like flat apple juice, perhaps left inside a toddler’s sippy cup. If you ask me – and I know you did not – the names of “Spiked Cider” and “It’s All Science if You Write Down What Happened” should be swapped.

“Dead Ringer” might be my favorite of the whole box – and the site tells me it is discontinued! I love spooky scents, and this one is heavy with musk and myrrh. Arghhhhh…

According to the website, “Lodestone” is supposed to smell like Chocolate Peppermint Fudge (and figs?)…but I get “new car smell air freshener”. What is WRONG with my nose?

“Pumpkin Creme” smells exactly like you’d expect – every single Pumpkin Spice Latte you’ve ever drank. It’s too damn hot in Texas to be thinking about Pumpkin Spice right now. I really WANT to be drinking a Pumpkin Spice Latte right now, though.

“Memento Mori” is an old favorite…smells like every funeral home I’ve ever been to, and I love it.

I subscribe to the Mini Subscription Bag at just $15/month (shipping is extra), but there’s also a Medium Subscription Bag for $40/month and a Full Size Subscription Bag for $70/month. Click here for a $5 off coupon (for you AND me)!


July 2022 Sucreabeille Mini Subscription Bag

July’s unreleased scent is “Unicorn Farts” (not to be confused with these Unicorn Farts). It’s super sweet and cotton candy smelling – not my vibe, but not horrible.

The rest of this month’s scents are a bit hit and miss…

“Attempted Murder” (think crows, not homicide) straight up smells like Fritos. How does this scent smell like corn chips? The oakmoss maybe?

“Dead or Alive” smells like slightly musky/rotting strawberry scent. It’s not BAD, but it’s kind of a lot.

“Cantankerous Spinster” reminds me of my grandmother. She was not a spinster or cantankerous, yet the scent of peppermint and chamomile reminds me of the rubs and soaks she would use for her arthritis. It’s not Ben Gay I don’t think, but something like that. It is definitely a mature scent.

“Swashbuckler” is a clean, soapy scent, with notes of the ocean…what does it remind me of? Old Spice? Irish Spring? Honestly, I would’ve expected more of a rummy note…this is a good unisex fragrance.

“Lime Tree” smells like…limes and trees. I kid, it smells like fresh limes, not the artificial candy version. Of all the scents this month, “Lime Tree” is one I would be most likely to wear!

I subscribe to the Mini Subscription Bag at just $15/month (shipping is extra), but there’s also a Medium Subscription Bag for $40/month and a Full Size Subscription Bag for $70/month. Click here for a $5 off coupon (for you AND me)!


June 2022 Sucreabeille Mini Subscription Bag

A combination of system glitches and a credit card issue stopped my Sucreabeille subscription bag…but I’m happy to report that I cleared the issue up and am back on track!

I am CRAZY for this month’s unreleased scent, “Freak in the Spreadsheets” – and that’s ME. I am totally a freak in the spreadsheets, every DAMN day. I am horrible at guessing fragrance notes, but I detect old photographs and a hint of cherry. Old photographs DO have a smell…

“Sparkling Cherry” has a sharp cherry scent, followed by an alcoholic tingle – think of a Cherry Wine Cooler – I don’t hate it.

“Glittertrash” is sickly sweet and reminds me of a watermelon jolly rancher. Nope.

“I’m a Delicate Fucking Flower” is a fairly generic floral scent, a bit too heavy on gardenia for me, but still nice.

I don’t think “Liquid Gold” repels mosquitoes…but it certainly smells like it does. It smells like Deep Woods OFF! on me…

“Cup of Ambition” is the perfect mocha scent – I could wear this EVERY DAMN DAY!

I subscribe to the Mini Subscription Bag at just $15/month (shipping is extra), but there’s also a Medium Subscription Bag for $40/month and a Full Size Subscription Bag for $70/month. Click here for a $5 off coupon (for you AND me)!



I did it! I sprung for a full ounce of Sucreabeille’s “Old Soul” ($150). The stackable freebies that came with April’s Anniversary Sale were just TOO good, plus free shipping, PLUS plus I had saved up enough sugar points to get $10 off.

The rose, honey and sandalwood in “Old Soul” are just captivating. And can you believe how gorgeous the laser-etched crystal bottle is? It weighs over a pound! I wonder how long this will last me…at least a few years?

I also purchased a sample vial of “Fart Kitten” ($7) – you know, like a skunk. The scent is peony (my favorite floral, after rose), with a little musk.

My children have already absconded with two of the freebies – I gave my son the oil dram of “Death Unicorn” – it smelled like black jelly beans – NO THANK YOU. I was also going to give him the rollerball of “Socks and Crocs” because he is usually wearing socks and crocs, but my daughter wanted it. That’s fine – it smelled like one of those pine trees that you hang off the rearview mirror. That is not the listed scent notes at all – but that’s how it smelled to me. Weird.

The other freebies I received: a dram of “Pear Tree” (it literally smelled like pears and tree – odd); 1ml of “Cream Tea” (smells like cream and tea – I am sensing a pattern here); 1ml of “Garden Witch” (like opening a fresh bag of potting soil – I don’t hate it); a dram of “Raspberry” (it smells like raspberries, but the real fruit – not the blue abomination that I admittedly love so much); 1ml of “Goth as Fuck” (the only repeat for me); a dram of “Danger Noodle” (is this supposed to smell like a snake? No, snake musk smells BAD, but this is more like…I don’t even know what tobacco flowers smell like or why a snake would smell like one?); and 1ml of “Cabana” (remember that orange sawdust that they poured on puke in elementary school – that is THIS – do not want).

Even though it took FOREVER, I enjoyed checking out all these samples…but I don’t love any of them as much as “Old Soul”.


April 2022 Sucreabeille Mini Subscription Bag

I love sampling all these scents each month…but it takes FOREVER!

This month’s unreleased scent is called “A Drop of Pure Joy.” It’s a clean smelling floral, but I cannot quite place the notes. There might be a hint of rain in it? It’s not my bag, but it’s nice smelling nonetheless.

“Belladonna” is the only repeat this month. Is it weird that it smells different as an oil than EDP? It smells much more sinister as an oil. I think it’s the leather notes – they carry more weight in an oil.

I LOVE rose scents, so I am definitely NOT going to complain about getting two rose scents this month. “Stone Rose” has a wilder, “dirt” smell to it. My husband wrinkled his nose at it, but I love smelling like I’ve been working in the garden all day.

Also in this month’s bag: “Vodka and Swearing” (the heavy juniper note makes this smell more like “Gin and Swearing” to me – I love it); “Tyrion” (Another Game of Thrones scent – a masculine vanilla and leather scent); and “Bee Space” (a much lighter honey and wax scent than “Black Honey” – innocent, not sinister).

I subscribe to the Mini Subscription Bag at just $15/month (shipping is extra), but there’s also a Medium Subscription Bag for $40/month and a Full Size Subscription Bag for $70/month. Click here for a $5 off coupon (for you AND me)!


April’s Fool

I was feeling a little spendy, so I splurged on Sucrebeille’s April Fool’s Collection. The set was only available April 1st through 3rd and was $65 for 6 oil drams. The scents sounded so compelling that I couldn’t resist.

“Cheese Hangover” isn’t a cheesy scent, thankfully…it’s a charcuterie board smell: figs and nuts maybe? I also caught a hint of wine.

“Citrus Ass Bitch” smells like a stripper – it’s Bath & Body Works Cucumber Melon, with a citrus-y musky undertone. (I’m wearing it right now and it’s sexier than it sounds.)

“Feral as Fuck” is VERY similar to “Goth as Fuck”, but the added hint of musk makes it more wearable to me, which is absolutely shocking to me, since I am not a big fan of musk.

“Da Mensies” smells exactly how you’d think it smells…but not in a bad way? I don’t think just anyone could get away with wearing this one…I think I could.

The last two scents are absolutely unwearable. “Chicken Witch” smells like a chicken pot pie. “Meat Lilith” smells like cinnamon and ground round – a delectable aroma of raw hamburger meat. Do you want your cats to eat you in your sleep? Because this is how you get your cats to eat you in your sleep.

There were also a few samples in my order. “#BAWDYGOTMELAID” is not my bag – it reminds me of this pheromone perfume that I got at a Sex Toy party. It just smells weird and chemically. “Heavy Heart” is supposed to a Black Forest Cake scent, but it comes across as a blood accord to me. It almost feel like it belong in the “Blood Drunk” set?

Unfortunately, this may not have been the best impulse buy…unless I can trick one of the kids into wearing the meaty fragrance and then sit back and wait for the attacks to begin…


March 2022 Sucreabeille Mini Subscription Bag

How is it April already? Didn’t I just get this bag the other day?

I don’t mind a delay in posting my Sucreabeille sub. It takes me a while to work through all the scents and sometimes I even have to wear them multiple times to really understand a scent.

March’s unreleased scent is called “Agent of Chaos”. It mostly just smells like patchouli to me, but there’s a note of something in there that I cannot quite explain.

BY FAR, the best scent of the month is “Brienne the Beauty”, which I believe is a Game of Thrones themed scent. It’s a masculine citrus scent, which I LOVE. It reminds of the Atelier Cologne scents I tend towards. I’m glad I found a possible substitution since I recently learned that Atelier is no longer being sold in the US. Tragic!

Also in the January bag: “Assbutt” (a marshmallow-y scent from the Supernatural themed collection); “Crafty Witch” (which I’ve already tried); “Infamy” (this one has a heavy tuberose vibe, reminding me of B&BW’s “Velvet Tuberose”); and “Forest Witch” (just smells like the Garden Center at Lowe’s to me).

I am not loving this month’s bag as much as previous ones, but I am not quite ready to call it quits yet.

I subscribe to the Mini Subscription Bag at just $15/month (shipping is extra), but there’s also a Medium Subscription Bag for $40/month and a Full Size Subscription Bag for $70/month. Click here for a $5 off coupon (for you AND me)!


February 2022 Sucreabeille Mini Subscription Bag

February feels so long ago…but I’ve been super busy with work, school, kids and being exhausted all the time…but it’s Spring Break, bitches. Since I’m back in school – Graduate School – this is my first REAL Spring Break since…1998? You better believe that I am taking the whole week off.

February’s unreleased scent is called “Sleep Paralysis” and holy shit…it smells like cookies and…well, poop. Underneath the somewhat Snickerdoodle-like initial sniff, there’s an underlying scent of indolic poo. I kinda dig it.

Like January’s bag, February’s bag also included a scent I’ve already tried – “Black Honey” – but I’m not even mad, because I love it. It just happens to be my scent of the day today. Also in this month’s bag: “Water Witch” (a musky, mermaid-y scent…but I like “Sea Hag” better); “Don’t Be a Lady, Be a Legend” (their site says the main note is raspberry lambic, but it’s been decades since I’ve drank it, so I’ll take their word on it); “100% That Bitch” (ooooh, cotton candy!); and “Bleeding Heart” (strawberries in champagne, I love this one).

I would wear every single one of the scents this month, but if I had to pick a favorite…I’m torn between “Black Honey” and “Bleeding Heart”.

I subscribe to the Mini Subscription Bag at just $15/month (shipping is extra), but there’s also a Medium Subscription Bag for $40/month and a Full Size Subscription Bag for $70/month. Click here for a $5 off coupon (for you AND me)!


January 2022 Sucreabeille Mini Subscription Bag

You didn’t really think I’d be able to to stick with just one beauty subscription, did you?

I started off the new year with a new scent subscription and I am super excited about it! The Mini Subscription Bag contains 6 1ml oil samples – one unreleased scent and five current scents.

The unreleased scent is called “Team Reckless Abandon”. It’s a musky scent and I cannot quite place the rest of the notes. Since it is unreleased, I cannot search the site to tell me what it is…

My favorite scent from the bag is “Caffeine Poisoning”, which smells like I dumped a Caffe Mocha all over myself, but in a good way? Also in this month’s bag: “Bohemian” (discontinued, scented like absinthe and peppermint); “Blood Lust” (Oh, I have that one); “Papa’s Waffles” (this smells like straight BUTTER on me…like what I imagine Paula Deen smells like when she’s horny in the kitchen); and “Peace Out, Bitches” (a very subtle lemon and flowers scent). The only one my husband liked was “Peace Out, Bitches”…he has a very discerning sniffer.

While I subscribe to the Mini Subscription Bag at just $15/month (shipping is extra), there’s also a Medium Subscription Bag for $40/month and a Full Size Subscription Bag for $70/month. They are very, very tempting! Click here for a $5 off coupon (for you AND me)!