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Go Eagles! (AKA Fuck Tom Brady)

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Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t give a shit about the sportsball. The only interesting thing about the Super Bowl are the commercials…and that I can get away with eating an entire brick’s worth of queso by myself. I usually don’t even bother picking a team to root for…unless I can root against Tom Brady. This past week has been torture, with every media outlet continuously sucking his dick. Notwithstanding his despicable personal life, he’s a fucking cheater. What the fuck, America?

ANYWAY, stepping down off my soapbox to talk about my Philadelphia Eagles nails. Google told me that their team colors are midnight teal, silver and black. Hmmmm…of course I can make that happen.

I use Sinful Colors “Calypso” as my midnight teal. After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I did two coats of “Calypso” on my thumb, middle and pinky. I used Sinful Colors “Queen of Beauty” for the silver – two coats on my index finger. I tried a coat of Sinful Colors “Teal Midnight” on my ring finger, but it was much too sheer. I did a coat of Sinful Colors “JadeKat” and it was much better. I then went old school and busted out the crackle top coat – Sally Hansen “Star Burst”. I used a thin coat over my index and ring fingers and it crackled right up. For a finishing touch, I used a dotting tool to paint dots with “Queen of Beauty” on my middle finger and Sinful Colors “Black on Black” on my pinky. After topping then all with Glisten & Glow Top Coat, they all looked marvelous.

My only annoyance is that “Calypso” photographs so darkly – it looks black!

Go Eagles! Make Brady eat balls!


Go Broncos?


Obviously, the Broncos won because of my nails. Obviously.

I was happy to have a reason to use my “Horses” Jamberry Wraps – so I chose orange and blue to go with them. The orange is Julep “Mariska” and the blue is Sinful Colors “Endless Blue”. To jazz them up, I used essie Luxeffects “Set in Stones” and “Summit of Style” – but honestly, I can’t tell which is which. I used Sinful Colors Base Coat and “HK Girl” to start and finish my nails.



Go Seahawks!


It’s not that I give a shit about the Super Bowl. I don’t. I don’t give a shit who wins – the Seahawks just have better team colors! Oh, and Tom Brady is a douche.

I started with Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat (trying to finish the bottle). On my thumb, I did two coats of Julep “Michelle”. Can you see the bubbles? Someday I will find a quick dry top coat that doesn’t make Julep polishes bubble. On my index finger, I did a coat of Zoya “Remy” and a coat of Sally Hansen Crackle “Sage Smash”. On my middle finger, I did two coats of Julep “Serena” – Sapphire for September. On my ring finger, I did a coat of Julep “Michelle” and a coat of Sally Hansen Crackle “Sage Smash”. On my pinky, I did two coats of Butter London “Dosh”. I finished them all with a coat of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash.

Looking forward to eating junk food and watching commercials. Hopefully, Katy Perry will have a wardrobe malfunction and my son will run out of the room screaming. He doesn’t like boobies yet.