Ipsy Redemption


The squeaky wheel gets the grease…

Actually, the saying should be that the “polite” wheel gets the grease. See, there was a bit of a debacle with last month’s Ipsy bag. The Be A Bombshell “Lash Out Mascara” was stinky. It smelled like a diaper full of burning tires. I tried it once and it didn’t make me go blind, but the smell put me off and I trashed it. Instead of posting a barrage of complaints on every social media platform (I literally saw HUNDREDS), I sent a polite note to IpsyCare through their website. Within a few days, I got a polite response and a notice that they were sending me 2 Be A Bombshell products! Now THAT’S how you do customer service.

I received a deluxe sample of “It’s So Big” Volumizing Mascara to replace the stinky mascara. It smells fine! I also received a full size tube of ย “Last Call Girl” lip gloss – it’s bright ass pink!

Kudos, Ipsy!

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