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Nail Fail


Never EVER trust a $3 Nail Art Set from Walmart.

I thought I would have a little fun last night, trying out some different nail art from the set I picked up from Walmart a few weeks ago. I was most excited to try the “caviar” – tiny beads that stick to the nail to form a beaded finish.

Let me first explain how HORRIBLE the polish included in the set is – thin and streaky – I couldn’t get good coverage of the light colors with 3+ coats.

I did each nail individually – painted, then chose a dip or decal to go with it.


The polish was so horrible that none of the dips would stick all the way. As you can see from the index finger on my left hand – the caviar wouldn’t even stick. The index finger on my right hand was supposed to be covered in diamond glitter, but it flew off my fingers every time I moved…it flew off my fingers like I was casting fairy spells. When I washed my hands, it all peeled off…leaving a leprous white surface. As a matter of fact – polish began peeling off of several of my fingers – just like that Tinkerbell polish we all used as kids…well that explained a lot.


The one part I liked about the kit was the cute little mustache decals. I will actually use those again – they went on smoothly and stayed put. A coat of Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat helped the hideous streaky polish…a little.

After an hour or so of  leaving various glitter trails all over the house, I finally gave up and took it all off. I was defeated…


Xmas Tree Nail Art


Finally! I finally ventured into the world of nail art…

I decided to start with simple Xmas trees. After Orly Bonder, I started with one coat of Nicole by OPI “On a Gilt Trip”. I then used my largest dotting tool to create trees with Julep “Priscilla” – Emerald for May. I used a smaller dotting tool to create ornaments with Julep “Oscar” and Funky Fingers “Red Ryder”. I painted a thin layer of Sally Hansen Diamond Flash over JUST the trees to maintain the matte finish of “On a Gilt Trip”.

It didn’t take nearly as long as I thought it would…just 30 minutes or so. They’re not perfect, but they’re pretty darn cute if I do say so myself.


A Unicorn in Lederhosen


I ended up with this fantastic “Unicorn in Lederhosen” ornament at Chinese Christmas last year…AKA White Elephant for everyone else. (It’s not racist since we ARE Chinese?) Anyway, my cousin Kate knew I would absolutely steal this from anyone who picked it, but I got lucky and picked it first.

This is a glitter gradient with Funky Fingers “Triple Dog Dare Ya” over Nanacoco “Illusionist”. “Illusionist” was a bit thin, so I used two coats. I am in lust with the fuchsia and blue glitters in “Triple Dog Dare Ya”. I need to make it a permanent part of my glitter rotation.

For some odd reason, the tips started chipping immediately – even with the Sinful Colors Base Coat and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash. Next time, I’ll use Orly Bonder with the Nanacoco.


Nail Party – Mermaid Nails


My BFF gets her nails done at a salon, so we never get to have nail parties…but last night, I got to have one! Beth & family stayed over after stuffing our face at Thanksgiving, so after the boys and kids passed out, we got to have a nail (& wine) party!

I went for a mermaid look with Sally Hansen Glitter Effect “Court Jest” over 2 coats of Sinful Colors “Calypso” – a midnight teal creme. It was a one coater and I shouldn’t have done 2 coats, but I did and it got rather gloopy around the edges of my nails. Oh AND maybe because of wine. I am not a wine person, but Beth introduced me to White Lambrusco. I can drink that shit like a Capri Sun…which we did, out of sippy wine cups. Again, Sinful Colors Base Coat and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash for the top coat.

I wish I had grabbed Beth before we left because she did a really cool manicure with Butter London “The Black Knight” and essie Luxeffects “A Cut Above”. We had so much fun – I can’t wait to do it again!


Forget Red


I feel like my nails have been dark and goth for weeks…I felt the overwhelming urge to go girly and pink.

This is my new Sally Hansen Glitter Effect “Rogue Red” over Sinful Colors “Forget Now”. “Forget Now” is a Barbie Magenta pink with violet and blue glass shimmer. It is fairly sheer, but two coats gave nearly opaque coverage. (There was something weird about this bottle of “Forget Now” – there were black squiggles in the bottle, like metal shavings. I just smeared them off the brush on a nearby piece of junk mail. Very odd.) “Rogue Red” is pale red and pink jagged glitter. On a barely pink tinted base. On a naked nail, you wouldn’t even be able to tell that there is a touch of tint to the base.

I used the Sinful Colors Base Coat and Sally Hansen Diamond Flash for the base and top coats.

I painted my toes with just “Forget Now”. My toenails were stained from Zoya “Remy”, so there is a bit of a purple tint at the end of my toes that “Forget Now” couldn’t hide. I could have used the glitter to hide it, but I avoid glitter on my toenails – ain’t nobody got time fo dat! Until I can figure how to get my toes into a dip-it, that is…


The Supreme


So, since Daylight Savings Time ended, it’s dark when I get home and I have had to get creative to find good enough light to take nail pictures. My husband switched all of the bulbs to LED, which saves money…but LED lights SUCK for pictures. I get so-so results in my bathroom, but this time I used my son’s desk lamp. It’s better, but not ideal. Nothing beats sunlight, but I guess I’m screwed until March.

This is Delush Polish “The Supreme” from the “Scream Supreme Collection”, inspired by American Horror Story. It’s a blood red jelly, filled with different sizes of red glitter. The red is so deep that’s hard to see all the glitter. Orly Bonder for the base coat and I used Sally Hansen Diamond Flash for the top coat…except for my ring finger. I hadn’t tried out Zoya Matte Velvet Top Coat yet and OH MY GAWD. I love it so much more on this polish than the shiny shiny. It dries super quick, too – almost like a quick dry!

Only three more Delushies to try!


Balinese Bay


Revlon “Balinese Bay” looks like that fancy speckled garage floor paint or maybe some crazy 50s linoleum that you’d find in a retro diner. Or maybe some wild colored glass in the bottom of an expensive fish tank. It’s a mix of black, silver, lavender and red glitter in a matte lavender base. It’s slightly pebbled…because it’s literally a shit-ton of glitter.

“Balinese Bay” is from Revlon’s Spring 2014 Haute Rocks Collection. Now I’ve got to search for them all – they’re spectacular. I got full coverage in just two coats. Of course I used Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat, but I didn’t use a top coat – that would ruin the whole point of matte?


Girly Nails


Before you even say it…I know. This is girly…WAY girly – like little girly. My fingernails look like a Hello Kitty Valentine – but I like it.

Sinful Colors “Glass Pink” may be my new favorite light pink. It’s like the pink version of “Cinderella”. “Glass Pink” is sheer, but it masks my stained nails.

Sinful Colors “Decadent” may be my new favorite red glitter. I don’t say that lightly – I have at least a dozen different red glitters. I have an idea…I need to have a GLITTER-OFF! Red glitters fight to the death!

Again, I used Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat and Top Coat – they work well with most polishes and don’t seem to cause bubbles or curtaining…


Peridot is Not Boring

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I always used to think that Peridot was the most boring of the birthstones – just a muddy light green, nothing compared to May’s brilliant Emerald.

Julep “Claudia” – Peridot for August totally changed my mind. Just look at this glitter! The lime green glitter not only has a few emerald flecks, but fiery orange flecks as well. I cannot stand how awesome this polish is…it’s like blinding me.

I used Sally Hansen Diamond Shine for the base coat, but didn’t use a top coat so I could enjoy the dusty texture. “Claudia” isn’t as textured as a pixie dust or sand polish, but you can definitely feel the glitter. FEEL THE GLITTER – that is my new motto…


Unicorn Poop


Doesn’t it look like I stuck my fingertips in Unicorn poop?

Don’t act like you wouldn’t do it. If you came across a glittery pile of feces from a mystical creature, wouldn’t you poke around in it…just to SAY you did?

But who needs Unicorn poop when you have Zoya “Bar” Magical Pixie Dust? I wanted to wear Julep “India” one more day, but I was starting to get major edge wear. “Bar” to the rescue! It literally took 90 seconds to do a quick gradient on the tips and breathe life into my fingertips.

I hope I don’t have nightmares about Unicorn poop…