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Are You Still Available?

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The reason I get so excited about trying new brands of nail polish is because I’ve pretty much tried every brand there is…but there are a few that have been beyond my grasp…

I hadn’t been able to try Makeup Revolution nail polish because Ulta doesn’t carry it here and they won’t ship it across the ocean…but I got a guy…I checked their site and it looks like they don’t even carry the polish online anymore – they must be liquidating their stock via mystery bags.

The first one to catch my eye was Makeup Revolution “Are you still Available?”, a dusty medium purple. This is a full coverage creme. The quality was very good – not too thick and not too thin, although the brush itself was sub par. I got full coverage with two coats over Orly Bonder and under “HK Girl”.

I haven’t gotten my hands on Jeffree Star Cosmetics “Scorpio” yet, but Sally has it and I swear that “Are you still Available?” would be a perfect match. I might have to add it to my Cyber Monday order if it’s in stock…


Blood Moon

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I am OBSESSED with this season of American Horror Story. I am even going to force my sister to take me to Roanoke next year….during the daytime, of course. I have no interest in seeing a REAL Blood Moon.

My Blood Moon is ciate London “Dangerous Affair”, from my August’s ipsy bag. Now I know why people go nuts over ciate – this polish is amazing. Not too thick, not too thin – just perfect. and the brush is wide and flat – one of the most perfect nail polish brushes I have ever used. Am I gushing? I feel like I’m gushing.

I started with Orly Bonder. This is two coats. The first coat had a few streaks, likely because the polish has a bit of a jelly to it. It was fully opaque at two coats though. I finished with “HK Girl”.

Next time I see ciate at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s…it’s MINE.


Drip Drip Drip

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Yeah, I know it’s November 3rd. Excusescakes.

Here are my lovely Halloween nails – the tried and true blood drip. My nail buddy, Angie, did really pretty ones this year, so I absolutely copied her and did matte black with red glitter. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

After Orly Bonder, I did two coats of Zoya “Dovima” and used a large and small dotting tool to drag Zoya “Chyna” on the bottom. “Chyna” kept its texture quite well – no major chips over almost a full week.

I did a blood drip last year, too. So shoot me, they’re cool looking.


Silly Putty

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Doesn’t Trust Fund Beauty “No Filter” look just like silly putty? Grayish beige with a hint of pink/lavender. It’s almost dirty looking.

I don’t know what’s up with the Trust Fund Beauty polishes that ipsy keeps putting in their bags…the colors just are not normal.

After Orly Bonder, I slapped on two quick coats of this thick creme polish. So thick. I was fairly careful, but I still got a few crinkled edges. Luckily, it wasn’t streaky after the second coat. A coat of “HK Girl” was just what I needed to make it super shiny.

My poor middle fingernail was a casualty of house cleaning activities this weekend. I weep for my fallen fingernail.


Elegantly Wasted

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Is it even possible to be elegantly wasted?

To be “wasted”, it’s generally understood to indicate a state of sloppy hot mess. Whatever, this polish by Trust Fund Beauty is called “Elegantly Wasted”.

I got it a million years ago in an ipsy bag. I’d been resisting it because it’s so boring. “Elegantly Wasted” is a greyish lavender – elegant, I guess? I needed something boring after the worst polish ever.

After Orly Bonder, I tentatively put on a coat of “Elegantly Wasted”. Second coat, no problem — smooth cream coverage. I added shine with “HK Girl”.

I don’t know what I was so worried about. It looks pretty good for boring.


Worst. Polish. EVER.

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I’m not even kidding. Essie “Belugaria” is literally the worst polish EVER. Words cannot describe how awful this polish is…but I’m going to try to explain.

My first hint should have been the fact that it was $2.12. I’ve never seen an essie that cheap. This poor sad polish had been sitting at Walgreen’s for three fucking years. Seriously…NO ONE wanted this polish. Then I googled and saw that it came out in the Winter 2013 collection. But I made the mistake of taking it home with me.

Why is this polish so horrible? First…the bottle lied to me. I thought it was a black jelly with glitter…but NOOOOOO. It’s textured, which would be great if it was fine textured like “Sugar High” or if it was chunkier like one of the Zoya Pixie Dusts AND had visual interest. Nope – it was chunky as fuck and MATTE black with just a few holo hex glitters thrown in. Seriously, it was like spreading sugar scrub on my nails. After Orly Bonder, The first coat wasn’t too bad…thick and goopy, but not quite full coverage. My mistake was going for the second coat. It didn’t spread – it just made little mountains on my nails.

Although it dried quickly, the formula chipped easily. The first time I washed my hands – BOOM, half my nails were chipped to fuck. To be fair, this is a common problem with textured polishes, but this one is the most fragile I’ve ever tried.

Worst of all…it damaged my cooter. This might be TMI…but I feel like I need to make a public service announcement. This stuff is so sharp that it cut through several layers of toilet paper and scratched me. No blood…but a close call, nonetheless. Don’t worry, I took it off as soon as I got home from work.

Remember…just say NO to “Belugaria”.


Company Blue


Another 97 cent polish…this one is essie “Strut Your Stuff” – a bright turquoise blue creme.

I decided to mix it up and start with Orly Bonder. The first coat had a few streaks, but two coats were perfect. I’m getting better with cremes – as long as I keep it from pooling around the edges, I’ve been able to avoid the crusties. I topped with “HK Girl”, which dragged a few bald spots. Luckily, they were all on my right hand.

I’d like to see this color with a silver glitter gradient – that would be luxurious.

This blue is the same exact blue as my employer’s logo. I bet I could stick my fingers in a Pantone machine and get a trademark warning…


Endless Love


I’ve had this polish nearly two years and I am just now getting around to trying it. I can’t believe it has taken this long to try this amazing polish.

RUFFIAN “Endless Love” is a chrome pink dream. I started with Orly Bonder and really could have gone with just one coat. I did two. Even though it goes on smooth and gives full coverage in one coat, it is very unforgiving of any ridges or peeling in your nails, so it looks best when your nails are in their best condition. It didn’t bubble as badly as the other RUFFIAN polishes I’ve tried, but I’ll chalk that up to user error – that was before I was using a base coat and a good top coat. I used “HK Girl” this time.


Daddy’s Soul Donut


…and this is the only reason I bought Funky Fingers “Cupcake Sprinkles”: to make ‘Daddy’s Soul Donut’ from The Simpsons. D’oh!

I switched it up and started with Orly Bonder. I then painted two very careful coats of Trust Fund Beauty “I’m Kind of a Big Deal” from this month’s ipsy bag. It is the perfect Pepto Bismal pink. It’s thick, but if you’re very, very careful – you can avoid getting it in the cracks at the edge of your nails and making a mess. It only took one coat of “Cupcake Sprinkles” to get all those sprinkles on my nails. Of course, I finished up with “HK Girl”.

What other kind of desserts can I make with “Cupcake Sprinkles”?


I Got Trouble


It’s a thrill when you you open up the mailbox to find a package you’ve been waiting for…but it’s even MORE of a thrill when you open it up and find a package you weren’t expecting.

I was tickled to receive an envelope from my friend (and most frequent commenter), Luci, sent me nail mail! She had a few polishes that were not getting the proper love at home, so she sent them to come live with me! She sent 2 Deborah Lippmann polishes – “Fashionably Late” and “Ya Got Trouble”, I’m guessing from the 15th Anniversary Set “I’ve Gotta Be Me”.

Which one to try first???


“Ya Got Trouble” was a no brainer. It is a beautiful multichrome that shifts from brown to gold to greenish to purplish. I love how all Lippmann polishes are named after songs. “Ya Got Trouble” is from The Music Man.

I started with Orly Bonder and then painted two coats. The first coat was a bit streaky, but the second one gave full coverage. Finally, “HK Girl” to seal it.

It’s been 24 hours and no major chips…although I have a bit of edge wear on my left hand. It’s not tragic – I can wear this color at least one more day, maybe even two.