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GAGGED! Sinful Colors Quick Bliss “Vvvroom!” has me gagging.

I usually don’t get excited about lavender nail polishes…or any shade of purple, really…but “Vvvroom!” is so pretty and shimmery – I could wear it forever. It was so long lasting, I felt like I wore it forever. This is one of the best $2.98 nail polishes out there.

This is two coats of “Vvvroom!” over Glisten & Glow Base Coat. I used Glisten & Glow Top Coat on all my nails, except the pinky. I had to see it mattified, so I used Sinful Colors Rubber Top Coat. I was underwhelmed by the matte look, it’s gotta be shiny.


Pride Skittles

June is Pride Month, so how about Pride Skittle Nails?

Technically, I guess these aren’t Skittles – I blended the colors on my nails instead of using one color per nail. I pulled out the Sinful Colors Pride Collection and got to work.

I am terribly boring and blended the colors in ROY G BIV order, starting with red “Tainted Love”, orange “Tight Squeeze”, yellow “Natural Blonde”, green “Filthy Rich”, blue “Love is Love”, and purple “Drag Queen”. I layered two coats of each over Glisten & Glow Base Coat. The unique finish is from topping with Sinful Colors Rubber Top Coat – it’s basically just a slightly rougher matte top coat.

The shades blended really well, except for the yellow and green. I feel like the yellow and green blended really awkwardly. My favorite blend ended up on my right thumb, the red and purple. I don’t normally take pics of my neglected left hand, especially my stunted and damaged thumb nail, but I really wanted to show the blend in this post.


Vroom, Vroom MF

I heard on the internets that Sinful Colors added two more shades to the new Quick Bliss Collection…I mean, I needed some Walmart stuff anyway…

No need to go on a scavenger hunt – my closest Walmart had both of the new shades. The red is “Speedster” and the lavender shimmer is “Vvvroom”. Both have stickers denoting that they are “Bebe’s Shade” – oh hey, more Bebe Rexha collabs.

I even paid full price for these – $2.98. That’s a far cry from my 2/$1 hauls from Dollar Tree.


Double Dollars

I may have hit two more Dollar Trees over the last week, searching for more nail polish.

I did find two more two packs worth getting! The first one had Sinful Colors “Thera-pewter” from the “Stoned Crystal Shimmer” collection and “Bite Me”, which I feel like was from a Halloween collection. The other pack had Sinful Shine “Rule My World” and “Clay Me” from the “Stoned Crystal Shimmer” collection.

I also found a two pack of nameless wet ‘n wild polishes. I HATE nameless polishes – but I got em anyway. There was a blue shimmer and a pink and red glitter.

It’s hot as hell here in Southeast Texas, so I definitely recommend picking up a few $1 fans from Dollar Tree. I found a “Shade” fan to match my “Slay” fan.

I do NOT recommend picking up hair clips from Dollar Tree – these cheap shitty plastic clips did not hold all of my hair and they scratched my scalp. I gave them to Lily.

Do you have any hot Dollar Tree deals to share?


Smurf Queen

Remember “Smurf Pox”? THIS is what I was expecting when I got “Smurf Pox”. I really like the light blue jelly base – it looks great on my nails.

Sinful Colors “Pop Queen” is also from the 2017 Moon Metal Collection – I think I have all of them now. This is two coats over Glisten & Glow Base Coat.

I topped ALL of my nails with Glisten & Glow Matte Top Coat – I love the gummy bear look of a mattified sheer/jelly polish.


I Ain’t Jambalayan

I could not wait to dig into my Dollar Tree haul.

Sinful Colors Sinful Shine “I Ain’t Jambalayan” is a shrimpy peach shimmer with a gold overtone. It’s from the 2016 or 2017 “Bayou Babes” collection.

This is two coats over Glisten & Glow Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat. It’s so shiny!

Man, now I’m craving cajun food!


Tree of Dollars

I got a hot tip that Dollar Tree is stocking two packs of old Sinful Colors polishes for $1. I’ve been paying up to $2.98 for the newest shades, but I’ll definitely buy a bunch at 50 cents each.

My first haul was just 4 polishes. One of the packs were Sinful Shines, which are normally $2.99. Both shades were from the 2017 “Bayou Babes” Collection – “Nola Way”, a gold sparkle, and “I Ain’t Jambalayan!”, a peach with gold shimmer.

The other two pack contained regular Sinful Colors polishes: “Flame Game”, iridescent flakie topper in a clear base, and “Pop Queen” from the Moon Metal Collection, a blue globe glitter topper.

I would’ve gotten more, but almost every single two pack contained “Nola Way”. I need to hit a few different Dollar Trees to find more. I hit the Hempstead Dollar Tree on the way to pick up my son from East Texas, and I was disappointed to find NO Sinful Colors. I’ll keep trying…


Wine Not?

I don’t drink wine, I wish I could. I seem to have developed a mild histamine response to wine after I had my son. Before pregnancy, I just got a headache from wine, but now I get red and blotchy, and my throat closes slightly. I suspect it’s from the skins, because I can drink White Lambrusco (thanks Beth) and Sweet Icelandic Wine (thanks Carin), both of which are fermented WITHOUT the skins.

What was I talking about again? Oh yeah, I was trying to make a pun with the name of this nail polish – Sinful Colors “Wine Not?” I got distracted and fucked it up.

Isn’t “Wine Not?” beautiful though? The Sinful Shines have a remarkable shimmer, they are really growing on me. This is two coats of “Wine Not?” over Glisten & Glow Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

I need a wine expert to guide me through finding wines with grape skins that don’t give me a headache or a rash.


Ice Ice Cherry!

I was feeling dainty when I decided to try out Sinful Colors Quick Bliss “Ice Ice Cherry!” – too cold, too cold.

“Ice Ice Cherry!” is the lightest iridescent pink polish. Even though the polish is rather sheer, I got nearly full coverage in two coats. I think it helped that I used Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat, because it masked any stains on my nails and created a good blank slate.

I feel like I may have made a little mistake with it though. I didn’t realize until after I applied Glisten & Glow Top Coat that the polish has a bit of texture, with a finish similar to “Bite”. The top coat made the edges super jagged and crunchy – but it also prevented chipping and it lasted on my nails quite a while.


Neon Skittles

You know, I think this is my first “Skittle Mani”. A “Skittle Mani” is pretty simple – just a different color on each nail, so it looks like you’re holding a handful of skittles! I decided to finish off the rest of the Sinful Colors “Sporty Brights” Collection.

Thumb to pinky, I used “Werk Out”, “Shoot & Swishhh”, “Fit Chick”, “Fitspo”, and “Trainers”. I did two coats (over Glisten & Glow Base Coat), on all my nails, EXCEPT the yellow, “Shoot & Swishhh”. I had to do three coats on “Shoot & Swishhh” – it was streaky as hell, no matter what I did. The third coat made it barely tolerable. I maybe should’ve done three coats on all of them – that visible nail line…I topped with Sinful Colors Rubber Top Coat.

My nails coincidentally match the best beaver scrunchie EVER.