Month: November 2023


Revolution x Wizard of Oz

When a brand releases a Wizard of Oz collaboration, I listen…and it’s a lot easier when it’s one of my favorite brands, like Revolution. (I had no problem skipping Kylie Jenner’s Wizard of Oz Collaboration last year.)

I was fortunate to hit a 30% off sale and got both the Revolution x Wizard of Oz Emerald City Set ($33.60, down from $48) and the Revolution x Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road Set ($14, down from $20).

The Revolution x Wizard of Oz Emerald City Set includes an 18-pan Ruby Slipper Eye Shadow Palette, a gold eyeliner, two lip glosses (plum & pink), a lovely blush that is VERY similar to my favorite blush (NARS “Orgasm”), a Toto Blending Sponge, a silver Tin Man Highlighter, and two hair ties with BLUE GINGHAM bows. I have been using the the blush and glosses (over WONDERSKIN stains) continuously.

The Revolution x Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road Set includes a 15-pan Eye Shadow Palette, 2 Eye Shadow Brushes, and a gold shimmering lip gloss. I’ve been using this palette more than the Ruby Slipper one, because it’s nudes and golds.

There was also another little something in the order, but it’s an Xmas gift, so I’ll keep it to myself.

I also got a free gift – that I totally did not find in the box – until I reviewed my receipt to write this post. (I actually dug had to dig through my pile of cardboard shipping boxes to find it – embarrassing.) I got a free palette worth $6 – Makeup Reloaded Shadow Palette – Affection. I haven’t tried it yet…and I am a little scared because it’s a “pressed pigment” palette, NOT eye shadow. It’s got stuff in it that shouldn’t be used around the eyes…at least not in the US. I guess I’ll try it on my eyes the next time I leave the country? KIDDING!


Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary

I saved the best for last from September’s Polish Pickupthis is Baroness X “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”. (I assume it’s only repeated twice, because if it was called “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary”, all HELL would break loose.)

I was totally astounded at the beauty of this nail polish. In most lights, it looks like a dull, black polish – not even shiny. But when light – or the sun especially – hits it just right, it burns a brilliant red. I puzzled for days on how to photograph this polish and finally came upon the solution in my car. I mean…why the hell not?

This is two coats of “Bloody Mary, Bloody Mary” over Vibrant Scents Double Bond Base Coat in “Island Petals” and under Vibrant Scents Top Coat in “Island Petals”.


November 2023 Ipsy Icon Box – Pat McGrath

This quarter’s curator is Pat McGrath, of Pat McGrath Labs. I don’t have a lot of Pat McGrath products…in fact, her stuff is so pricey that the only stuff I’ve tried out is lippies either from other ipsy drops or Sephora Favorites Sets. Her eyeshadow is supposed to be FANTASTIC, so I was excited that her Divine Rose Luxe Quad in “Eternal Eden” ($62) was in this quarter’s icon box. It was every bit as soft and blendable as they say – I am in love with the palette. The color story is very similar to one of my other faves – KVD Lolita Por Vida, just on a smaller scale. The box also included Pat McGrath Labs MatteTrance Lipstick in “Elson” ($39). It is a great-for-everyone red…but it’s lipstick and when I wore it, it got all OVERYTHING. My poor Smashburger was covered in lipstick.

My first product choice this month was Gloss Moderne Clean Luxury Shampoo + Conditioner Duo ($65). Imagine, spending $65 for a TINY set of shampoo and conditioner. It did smell nice, but I have so much hair that I will probably only get 4 uses out of the conditioner. NOTE TO SELF: do not use again until I get a haircut.

My second product choice was Act + Acre Cold Processed Stem Cell Scalp Serum ($86). I haven’t tried it yet…but my hair is thinning and I figured, why not? NOTE TO SELF: Don’t complain about having too much hair in one paragraph and then describe a product to grow MORE hair in the next paragraph.

My final product choice was the Baublebar Cosmic Couple Earring Set ($44). I just needed more gold earrings.

I also received: Dew of the Gods The THEORY Retinol Moisturizer ($42) – which has been a nice light moisturizer for every day; Tatcha The Rice Wash Soft Cream Cleanser ($40) – I like that it has a bit of texture to it; and Danessa Myricks Beauty Dew Wet Balm in Rose Water ($22) – very unlikely to use this one.

Ipsy says this month’s box was worth $400…even at the new price of $60/quarter, that’s a steal.

I subscribe to the basic ipsy bag for $14/month (recently increased from $13/month) and Icon Box (formerly Glam Bag X) for an extra $60/quarterly (recently increased from $43/quarterly). If you’d like to try Ipsy –  click here. I’ll earn 250 points if you sign up through my referral link.


Urban Decay – An Homage

I’ll just come out and say it…Urban Decay Cosmetics is not what it used to be. It used to be edgy and controversial and fun…and now? Now, your mom’s makeup bag is full of Urban Decay and you’re buying whatever starlet puts their name on makeup this week…Bobbie Millie Brown, Selena Gomez, Billie Eilish all have beauty brands.

Rogue Lacquer “Urban Decay” is from October’s Polish Pickup and is inspired by Urban Decay Cosmetics – specifically their nail polish – from back in the 90s. I still have a bunch of bottles, and now I want to dig through them and see if they are still any good…Oooh! I have a project for tonight, since I am officially “on vacation” – no work and no school until the Monday after next!

This is two coats of “Urban Decay” over Vibrant Scents Double Bond Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber and Cuticula Limitless Top Coat in “Raspberry Pop”.


CeraVe Ulta Haul

I know buying face wash is not very exciting, but 40% off CeraVe was a deal I couldn’t pass up…I got CeraVe Hydrating Facial Cleanser with Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid ($10.79, down from $17.99) for me and CeraVe Acne Control Face Cleanser, 2% Salicylic Acid Acne Treatment ($11.39, down from $18.99) for Lily.

Essence and Milani was also on sale, so I got Essence Electric Glow Color Changing Lipstick ($3.49, down from $4.99) – almost as good as Frog Prince, but not quite – and Milani Precision Brow Pencil in “Dark Brown” ($7.69, down from $10.99). It’s a decent pencil – as good as Ulta’s!

Oh, there was definitely more stuff in this order…but Xmas is coming and Nailtopia was also 40% off.

$148 to Diamond in 2024.


Polish Pickup October 2023 – 90’s Grunge

I might be addicted to the Polish Pickup…I keep telling myself that I can stop any time…

October’s theme is 90’s Grunge, which is right up my alley. It was a struggle to pick just a few of these!

Lyn B Designs “Does it Get Eddie Vedder?” ($13) is inspired by her love of Weird Al parodies, Pearl Jam, and sweaters. It’s a grey crelly with a shocking blue to purple shimmer.

Rogue Lacquer “Urban Decay” ($13) is inspired by…90s Urban Decay nail polishes. I still have a few of them – I hope they’re not all dried up. “Urban Decay” is a brown toned purple jelly base loaded with purple, magenta and orange flakes as well as a subtle flash of gold glass flakes.

Cuticula Limitless Top Coat in “Raspberry Pop” ($10) is a scented top coat. I cannot wait to see how it smells!

Stay tuned to see these polishes…


Bugs ‘N Kisses

It’s the tenth day of November and I am JUST now getting around to talking about my actual Halloween nails…but Marching Band Season is over…just in time for Mariah Carey to thaw out and start telling us the only thing she wants for Christmas.

I purchased several spooky set from this Halloween’s drop, but Color Street “Bugs ‘N Kisses” is my favorite. What is there not to like about red glitter spiders and webs? This set is a good match for October’s ipsy bag, too!

Technically, spiders are NOT bugs – they are arachnids…but I’ll let it slide this time.


Haunted Forever

Halloween may be behind me, but I still have spooky nails to share…

Lilypad Lacquer “Haunted Forever” is the fourth polish I snagged from September’s Polish Pickup. I wasn’t expecting to LOVE it so much! I just thought it would be an interesting fuchsia polish…the depth on this polish is AMAZING. Lilypad might be one of my new favorite indie makers…

This is two coats of “Haunted Forever” over Vibrant Scents Double Bond Base Coat in “Island Petals”, topped with Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber and Vibrant Scents Top Coat in “Island Petals”.