The Return of Lunchtime Shopping

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Oh, Bath & Body Works…it’s been so long.

Even though I moved (and moved offices) 7-8 months ago, I haven’t taken advantage of the fact that I am now 5 minutes away from a Bath & Body Works again. I got an email on Wednesday that drew me in. Not only were Hand Soaps $3 each, but Shower Gels were $5 and I had a coupon for $10 off $30.

I was conservative and grabbed two Shower Gels“Waikiki Beach Coconut” and “White Citrus”. I grabbed 6 Hand Soaps, plus a new bath scrunchie. (You never know when a beetle will start living in your bath scrunchie.)

$23.27 – not bad.

Not So Good Girl

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I guess I am not so good of a girl…I was totally incapable of driving past the Bath & Body Works Outlet – in the middle of a 6 hour drive – without stopping.

I didn’t go crazy. I picked up 5 more Hand Soaps – 3 for me and 2 for Lily. I had to get “Very Merry Berry” after smelling it in Erin’s bathroom this past weekend.

Logan asked for a Wallflower for his room  – how could I say no to a pre-teen who wants their room smelling good? I got that, plus 4 more refills.

I also couldn’t pass up “Sweet Cranberry Rose” at 75% off – it was only 50% during my last trip. I picked up the Fine Fragrance Mist, the Body Cream and Shower Gel. In retrospect, I should have gotten more shower gel – it smells wonderful.

Got to use my $10 off $40 again – at least that part was good.


I’ve Been a Good Girl…

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I’ve been so good the past few months. Sure, I’ve bought a few things here and there, but I’ve drastically curtailed my beauty shopping. I’m trying to use what I’ve already amassed, sure – but really, trying to budget around two house payments. Regardless, I cannot pass up the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale.

I really stuck to the essentials. A $10 candle. A couple of bath poofs. 3 $3 Wallflower refills. 8 bottles of $3 Hand Soap. And NO bath gel/lotion/body spray. Zip. Nada. NONE. I’m still trying to finish off the dozen or so scents I have, but I was really tempted by Sweet Cranberry Rose. If it was 75% off, I might have cracked.

Also had a $10 off $40 coupon from the mail. SO it was a pretty economical haul.

The Triumphant Return of Peony

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I tend to get really excited about the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale…but this time is different…it’s like a dream come true.

We all have discontinued scents that we pine over. For my mom, it was Love’s Baby Soft Lemon. For my husband, it’s the original formula of Van Cleef & Arpels Tsar. One of mine is Bath & Body Works Peony. (Some of the others are B&BW’s original Rose and Cedar & Clary Sage; and Victoria’s Secret Delicate Petals and Secret Charm).

The last time I was able to buy it was in 2004, when I was pregnant with my son. I loaded up at a Semi-Annual Sale. My stock had lasted well into 2009, because I remember having some left when I moved into this house. I’ve been holding onto that last quarter inch of Fragrance Mist, wearing it a few times a year.

On Sunday, one of my dreams came true – Peony is one of Bath & Body Works’ flashback fragrances.

Since I happened to have a 20% off + free shipping code from my last online order, I went ahead and used the website. Flashback fragrances are $3.75 – whoa! I loaded up and got 4 Shower Gels, 2 Body Creams, 2 Fine Fragrance Mists and 1 Lotion. I’ll probably get more before the end of the summer…

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I wasn’t exactly running low on Hand Soap…but I bought 24 anyway because they were on sale for $3 each…and 20% off made them $2.40. Plus, I didn’t have to carry them out to my car. I was a bit disturbed when I opened the box – it looks like they just dumped them in there…but they all look intact.

There were 3 different coupons in the box…I’m predicting another haul before the end of the sale…I’ve got a whole ‘nother month!

Smell Like Summer


I’m so ready to smell like summer!

I was downright belligerent the last time I went to Bath & Body Works, because the bath stuff was “Buy 3, Get 2″ – fuck no! I actually let my coupon mailer expire before I’d pay those outrageous prices! Luckily, when the deal went back to Buy 3, Get 3” – I got a 20% coupon in my email.

I was going to try one of the Italian Summer Scents, but “Mediterranean Blue Waters” smelled very similar to “Pure Paradise” and “Seaside Pink Jasmine” had too much pink smell…so I picked “Endless Weekend” in new packaging. I also got back-up Shower Gels in “Mad About You” and “A Thousand Wishes”.


Even though it wasn’t on sale, I HAD to get this new Scentportables Pink Flamingo ($6.50). HAD TO.

Oh…and even though I don’t wanna smell like a coconut, I picked up the Aloha Hawaii Bucket ($25) – it comes with mostly “Waikiki Beach Coconut” bath stuff, plus an extra lotion in “Aloha Waterfall Orchid”, two hand soaps – “Honolulu Sun” and “Fiji White Sands”, some antibac and a pouf. My husband was really interested in the paint bucket…he can’t have it!

Oh…and I was feeling generous and let Lily pick 3 travel sizes – she chose “Beautiful Day”, which surprised me. Before I was even finished paying, so was coating her arms with the lotion – right there in the store. Kids are weird. She ran off with them, so I couldn’t get them in the picture.

The Usual Saturday


My daughter and I hit the usual spots after her gymnastics class on Saturday…it’s like a thing.

First, we hit Bath & Body Works for $2.50 Hand Soaps. Even though I just stocked up, I couldn’t resist this yearly sale. I picked up a total of 12, even letting Lily pick out a few scents for the kids bathroom – “Elfin’ Around” and “Vanilla Bean Noel”. I picked a mix of Xmas and Summer scents. I used a $10 off $30 coupon, which gave me the soaps for $1.66 each. That’s an even better deal than the 20% off coupon I used last year!

Then we hit Ulta – I just needed some clipper sets for some Xmas gifts I’m putting together. I just used a $3.50 coupon, even though I have a 20% off ANYTHING coupon burning a hole in my purse. I doubt I’ll even use it this year…

Finally, Taco Bell while getting my car inspected. While there, Lily was concerned that the guy from the Lube place wanted to marry me because he came in to grab lunch…then I accosted a rando to get a picture of his tattoo to send to my husband. You know, the usual Saturday stuff.

Just a Pit Stop…


If I make my husband drop me by Bath & Body Works on the way to wedding party…does that mean I have a problem? $8.50 three wick candles is a BIG DEAL.

Back when I lived in Dallas – before kids – I used to make my own candles. When we moved, I kept all of my oils and supplies, fully expecting to someday get back to candlemaking when I had more time…then another baby, another house, another excuse. Finally, my oils had rotted through the bottles and we had to trash them. (I bet that was the best smelling load of trash my garbageman ever had.) So until I get the urge to revisit that hobby…I buy candles and wax melts. Not a lot, but enough to have on hand.

That being said, $8.50 is a smoking deal. Regular price is $22.50 – $30.00. I picked up “Beautiful Day”, “Jingle All the Way”, “Japanese Cherry Blossom”, “Twisted Peppermint” and 2 “Pomelo Paradise”. A $15 off $40 coupon made them $6 each. I also had a stackable coupon for a free item, so I got a “White Citrus” Shower Gel.


Even after a stop at Starbucks, we made it right on time for Beth and David’s wedding party. David is my husband’s cousin and I am thrilled to welcome Beth into our (sometimes insane, but always loving) family. She and I bonded a few years ago over our shared love of nail polish – especially Zoya. It was love at first sight!

When we met, I was still rolling around the idea of Beauty Hoard in my head and she really encouraged me to get it started. If there wasn’t a Beth, there probably wouldn’t be a Beauty Hoard, so I owe her a depth of gratitude!

I can’t wait for our next nail party!

BFFsgiving Shopping


I got to see my BFF yesterday! And we went shopping!

So we hit Ulta first…but while we were still in the parking lot, I was finishing up some Sephora orders. I got an email offering a 24 hour window for VIB members to order the Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette before it hits stores on 12/1. ADD TO CART! Since that’s what my BFF and I decided our men are getting us both for Xmas, we were kind enough to do their Xmas shopping for them…

Since I placed a huge Ulta order last week with their Cyber Fundays promotion, I didn’t need much – just some Zoya Remove+. I was drawn to the 5/$5 goodies though. I got a few stocking stuffers for my daughter – bobbie pins and lip gloss – and a few for my self – a nail buffer, Ulta Nail Lacquer in “Silver Bells” and my favorite, a little travel makeup brush set.

We also hit Bath & Body Works, but that was a complete bust – nothing really jumped out at us, so we left empty handed.


Next up, Sephora…well, the Sephora inside of JC Penney’s. We didn’t feel quite brave enough to step foot in a mall.

As soon as I saw the Kat Von D Lolita Lip Duo, I knew it would be mine…even though I already have one “Lolita”, I wanted to try “Lolita II”. Just $19.50 for both.

I even remembered to bring in my Play! card for 50 extra points! I just checked my account…I only need to spend $132 to hit Rouge status…can I do it within the next 5 weeks?

Soap Me


I get a little twitchy if I have less than 20 B&BW Hand Soaps under my counter. When I dropped by Bath & Body Works on Saturday, they didn’t have soaps for 7/$24 – they were 6/$24. Fuck that!

However…when I checked my email on Sunday, they were back at 7/$24, plus the email had a code for 30% off, which was much better than the 20% off coupon I received via postal mail. So I dragged my poor son on a quick trip…I just grabbed 10 Xmasy scents – I even let him pick one (Honeyed Pineapple Pumpkin – gag). He prefers the foaming soap to the thicker soap I like – he says he doesn’t like the weird little beads.

With the sale and my coupon – $2.40 each. Oh, I also got a new bath scrubby…in case you were wondering…


Soap Fix


In between Semi-Annual Sales, I have to get my Soap Fix – so I’ll settle for 50% off for Labor Day. I only got three – they didn’t have much of the deep cleansing soap I like – just the foaming kind. I hate the foaming kind. I did get one foam for the kids – “Strawberry Lemon”. I got “Honeydew Cooler” and “Pineapple Sorbet” for myself. “Pineapple Sorbet” smells just like the Pineapple Dream at the Dole Plantation in Hawaii! I also grabbed 4 Scentportables (4/$10) and 2 bath poof (not on sale).

Of course, when they send you an email that says “Surprise – up to 40% off” – it’s never 40% off. I had to make do with 20% off. Sigh.