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2018 is the year of the mermaid nail polish. I just cannot get enough of these water-themed colors this summer.

Julep “Roberta” – breezy turquoise shimmer – was a bit thicker than I like. Although it was very nearly goopy, the thickness actually gave me a bit more control over the application.

This is two coats of “Roberta” over Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat. I think I’ll be going back to the Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat for good – this polish lasted a full week on my fingers!

I also did my toes – that’s when I noticed that the color matches my living room walls exactly. It’s like the tips of my toes disappear when they’re hanging off the edge of my sofa!

June 2018 Julep Box – Sundae Funday

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The theme of this month’s Julep box is “Sundae Funday”, and it’s a selection of creamy ice creamy colors. Though the colors were nice, I only ended up picking one – I was distracted by the lippies!

Julep launched three new shades of It’s Whipped Matte Lip Mousse – I got two of them. “Blind Date” was a no brainer – electric fuchsia metallic matte. My second selection was “Blush”rose gold metallic matte. I’m nothing, if not predictable. Fuchsia and rose gold are my “things”.

For my polish, I waffled around, but ended up selecting Wonder Maven “Roberta”breezy turquoise shimmer. I am likely to be rocky blue/turquoise/aqua pool nails all summer.

No candy AGAIN. At least there was an insert and some coupons.

Not a Julep Maven? Click HERE to join – I’ll get a $15 credit and you’ll get your first box free!

Thank Ya Very Much!

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This polish makes me so goddamn happy. It’s just…summer!

This is Julep “Presley”, from last month’s box. It’s just a bright, happy reddish pink. It reminds me of flowers. Flowers don’t decide what color they are – they just ARE.

If Elvis wore nail polish, this is definitely the color he would wear.

This is two coats of “Presley” over Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Base Coat.

I need this on my toes!

The Mother of All Sample Bags

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Ulta might be stingy when it comes with its regular samples, but they are more than generous when it comes to their gift with purchase sample bags. To kick off the Memorial Day weekend, Ulta offered the Mother of All Sample Bags with a $65 purchase…but first, my purchases.

When I get the emails with a sample bag or gift with purchase, I’ll check the sales and fill up my bag. Sometimes I’ll complete the transaction, but oftentimes I don’t. I’ll usually just leave stuff in my bag for next time. Unfortunately, my bag was empty, so I had to start this shopping trip from scratch. I started by checking the Ulta Sale page. I noticed that Edge/Skintimate Shave Gel was BOGO 50% off. Unfortunately, they were out of Edge, so my husband will get to shave his head with Skintimate. Then I noticed that L’Oreal Colorista Semi-Permanent for Brunette Hair was $8.99, down from $10.99. Since it doesn’t work all that well, I figured it would be perfect to use on the kids. I got 3 – Teal, Midnight Blue and Maroon. I also found Ofra Limited Edition Metallic Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in “Fantasia” (it reflects in blue, red and purple – it’s almost holographic) for $10.20, down from $17.

Another deal I was able to take advantage of was a Makeup Revolution Mystery Bag Offer with $25 purchase. This one was hard to do, since Sally just sent me ALL the newest palettes. I decided on the SophX Ultra 24 Eyeshadow Palette, $15 and the Pro HD Brighter Than My Future Palette, $20, but $16 after my 20% off any one item coupon. I had never heard of @SophieDoesNails until this palette, but apparently, she’s a famous Influencer in the UK. I tried out the eye shadows today (without primer) and they do seem to be slightly higher quality than the normal eyeshadows. They blended seamlessly and lasted decently well. Most of the colors are shimmery and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with all the dark greens, but looking forward to playing with it. It may – or may not – be a dupe for the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Palette. It looks somewhat similar, but infinitely more wearable. The Pro HD palette is a blush/highlighter palette. The shimmers are INTENSE. I tried one of the striped ones and had to pat half of it off – I looked like an alien. Good stuff, man. Inside the Mystery Bag: the Unicorns Unite Salvation Palette (I actually don’t have this one!), The One Sculpt Contour Stick, Ultra Strobe Stick in “Peach Lightening”, and Salvation Velvet Lip Lacquer in “The One for All”. Not bad.

And now. what was in the 29 piece Mother of All Sample Bags? In no particular order: tarte Shape Tape Contour Concealer (4 shades); DevaCurl Melt into Moisture Matcha Butter Conditioning Mask; Urban Decay Troublemaker Mascara; Sexy Hair Sexy Suds Shampoo & Conditioner; Ulta Beauty Poreless Face Primer (nice); Benefit Roller Lash (one of my fave mascaras); Hempz Herbal Healthy Hair Herbal Fortifying Shampoo; First Aid Beauty Facial Radiance Pads; Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Lotion SPF 50; Sexy Hair Love Oil; Prada Candy; Maybelline Great Lash (that iconic pink and green tube); Peter Thomas Roth Water Drench Cloud Cream Cleanser; NYX Worth the Hype Volume & Lengthening Mascara; Eyeko London eye do liquid eye liner in “carbon black”; Woman by Ralph Lauren; dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon Transformative Night Gel-Cream; Julep Love Your Bare Face Cleansing Oil; living proof. No Frizz Nourishing Style Cream; Mario Badescu Aloe Vera Toner (this opened inside the bag and got everything a bit MOIST); Lime Crime Unicorn Hair in “Bunny” (there’s no way this peachy shade would ever work in my hair – or anyone’s hair for that matter); philosophy Purity Made Simple Moisturizer; Mamonde Pore Clean Clay Mask; Anastasia Beverly Hills Lip Gloss in “St. Tropez”; Lime Crime Diamond Crushers in “Lit” (even though I think Lime Crime is a shit brand, I’m looking forward to trying this one out); Kenra Platinum Luxe One Leave-In All-in-One Miracle Spray; COOLA Dawn Patrol Classic Primer; Garnier Skin Active Micellular Foaming Gel Cleanser; and Becca Ultimate Coverage 24-Hour Foundation (3 foil swatches). That’s a lot of stuff, right? That’s at least $50-60 worth of samples! AND it came in a huge, high quality woven canvas makeup bag. Oh, and did I forget the $5 off $15 Ulta Collection coupon?

I also forgot my regular samples – Redken All Soft Shampoo & Conditioner and HASK Biotin Boost Thickening Shampoo & Conditioner. I checked my Ultimate Rewards Balance and I just need ~$50 more to hit Platinum. There’s a slight possibility that I could make Diamond if I get a few haircuts…

Sit on a Cactus

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Is it weird that in traffic, when someone annoys me, sometimes I say that I hope that they sit on a cactus? Well, either that…or rectal cancer. It kind of depends…I mean, it’s not like I honk or give them the finger.

This is Julep “Tenaya” – Vibrant Marigold Crème. This was two coats over Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. It was somewhat streaky, which is exactly what you don’t want in a light polish. I was able to get it mostly under control on the second coat.

…and then I got out the Cactus Decals. They look so itty, bitty on my giant nail beds. I can’t help it that I have gigantic, sasquatch fingers. I feel like they would like cuter on someone with smaller fingernails. On the bright side, the decals were small enough that they didn’t peel up at the edges like some of the other ones. (I used Glisten & Glow Top Coat to hold them down.)

I was curious who “Tenaya” is named after – turns out it’s a brand of special rock climbing shoes. Interesting.


My Favorite Daughter

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Although she only hears it when she’s in trouble, my daughter Lily’s real name is Lilith. She is my favorite daughter, although my only daughter.

I love Julep “Lilith”, orchid blossom shimmer. It is very similar to “Julep Paulette”, golden lilac tulle shimmer. The difference is in the shimmer. “Lilith” has a cool bluish shimmer, while “Paulette” has a warm gold shimmer.

I was excited to crack open my new Julep Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. Polish sticks to it really, really well. This is two coats of “Lilith”, then Glisten & Glow Top Coat. I feel like it lasted forever. I put it on Sunday and just took it off an hour or so ago, even though it had very minimal edge wear. Five days with no chips is a miracle for me!

So now I’ve added “Lilith” to my family collection – “Lara” and “Logan”. I wonder what the odds are of a Julep “Russell” polish being released to complete my collection?

The Infinity Gauntlet

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Come on, Infinity War is the biggest movie on the planet right now. How could I NOT do Infinity Gauntlet nails?

I put down a single coat of Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat to get started. I get anxiety when I mismatch my polish to my base coat, but I’m using so many brands that I compromised.

My thumb holds the Time Stone – two coats of OPI “My Gecko Does Tricks” topped with Sinful Colors “Green Ocean”.

My index finger became the Power Stone – two coats of Julep “Paulette” topped with Zoya “Monet”.

The Space Stone resided on my middle finger – two coats of Sinful Colors “Prized Plume” topped with Sally Hansen “Family Jewels”.

My ring finger became the Reality Stone – two coats of Formula X “Boundless Berry” topped with Sinful Colors “Unwrap Me”.

My pinkie got the Soul Stone – Sinful Colors “Courtney Orange” topped with SpaRitual “Citrine Luminary”.

I finished off the Gauntlet with gold metal studs, sealed with Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

Alas, I just have five fingers on each hands, so I had to hold the Mind Stone. Oh, and I don’t have a Mind Stone, so I used a peach from our peach tree in the backyard. It was eaten shortly after this picture was taken.

What other movie manicures should I try?

May 2018 Julep Maven Box – Golden Hour

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No information card, no candy this month – what’s up with that Julep?

The featured product this month was new shades of Skip the Brush Creme-to-Powder Blush Stick and I wasn’t really feeling it, so I went all polish. I was elated to see that this month’s collection includes Bombshell “Lilith”, Orchid Blossom Shimmer. Even though we call her “Lily”, her given name is “Lilith”. Now I just need a “Russell” polish to complete out family collection!

I also added Classic with a Twist “Presley”, Sizzling Hibiscus Iridescent, and Smooth Start – Oxygen Smoothing Base Coat. I’d been using Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, but sometimes you gotta mix it up. Oh, and I got Flowering Cacti decals – can’t wait to play with them, too!

I used Jules to add Bombshell “Tanaya”Vibrant Marigold Crème. I know I am not a yellow polish fan, but it will look SO good with the cacti.

Not a Julep Maven? Click HERE to join – I’ll get a $15 credit and you’ll get your first box free!

Samma Samma Bo Bamma

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Julep “Samma” is cold…ice cold.

“Samma” is frozen lilac iridescent microglitter. Although it looks more silvery in the pic, lilac/lavender is definitely the underlying color of the glitter in real life. I got full coverage in just two coats.

I used up the last of my Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat – good thing I’ve got more coming this month. The top coat is Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

Disco Flamingo

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Look at these nails…serving Disco Flamingo realness!

Maybe I’ve been watching a BIT too much Drag Race, but I am living for these nails. They are SNATCHED. No Tea, no shade, no pink lemonade GIRL.

Okay, I’ll stop. I’m even making myself cringe.

Lily wanted us to do Pink and Purple nails, so we each picked a duet of color for our nail art. I picked Sinful Colors “Let Me Flamingo” and Julep “Cally”. I started with Sinful Colors Base Coat and alternated two coats of each color. I used a dotting tool to make polka dots in the opposite color. I sealed the art with Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

I really should do more nail art – I really do enjoy looking down at my nails and seeing a mini-masterpiece.