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Julep “Dina” is perfect match for well-worn denim – I checked! Well, checked against my husband’s jeans.

I started with Julep Oxygen Binding Base Coat and then painted two coats of “Dina”. I got full coverage in just a single coat, but I always do two…just in case. (In case of what, I do not know.) I finished with Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

“Dina” was the only polish I picked from this month’s box – I love it though. Oooooh, and tomorrow I get to pick out stuff for my December box.

November Julep Maven Box – Nourish & Flourish

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Ooohhh…Julep is adding masks to their repertoire!

Yup, I had to add the Triple Quench Deep Hydration Sheet Mask System to this month’s box. Not just a sheet mask – it also includes an essence ampoule pack for before the mask and a sleeping pack for after the mask. I’m going to wait until the winter chill hits my face hard and BAM! I’m going to moisturize the fuck out of my face.

I also chose Your Cuticles Look Thirsty Fast-Absorbing Cuticle Creme. Not a hand lotion, but a creme just for your nails beds. They’re not kidding, my cuticles sucked it right up. This is so much better than a messy cuticle oil. I also chose Julep It Girl “Dina”vintage denim shimmer. It absolutely does remind me of a comfy pair of stonewashes.

There’s a single mystery hard candy in this month’s box. No words on it all. I opened the cellophane and it’s BLUE, but there’s no smell. I’m scared.

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Not What I Intended…

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…but pretty nonetheless.

I had seen a trend of turquoise and gold nails lately, so I thought I’d pile on. Julep “Naveena” is not turquoise, it’s more of a teal…but my bedroom is dark and I was in a hurry – so close enough. Even so, teal and gold is pretty, pretty combination. The gold is Julep “Oscar”, a dense gold glitter.

This is two coats of “Naveena” over Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat. It’s a bit sheer on it’s own, but the glitter masqueraded my visible nail line. The finishing touch was Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

I need to search my stash for a better turquoise – I want to be a Navajo Princess.


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Here it is, the last of my Halloween nails…

Julep “Trixy” was the perfect match for my Halloween costume – the Evil Queen from Snow White. I rarely do full costumes anymore – in this case, my whole costume was the crowned wimple, a mini cape and the makeup. Really, the makeup WAS the costume. Oh…and an apple. The apple was key.

“Trixy” is a blackened purple glitter. It’s the sister of “Marlise”. Like Marlise, it a bit gritty, so I topped with Glisten & Glow Top Coat. This is two coats over Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat.

Since the glitter is in a clear base, this would look really interesting over a contrasting color. Maybe a yellow?


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It doesn’t get much Halloweenie-er than this!

Julep “Marlise” is described as luminous borealis glitter, but it just looks black and green to me. When I think of borealis I think of the blue and purples, but there’s usually green in there, too. It’s not the first time that Julep’s descriptions have come from Bizarro World.

I started with Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat, and then two coats of “Marlise”. The glitter finish was rough and scratchy – those usually chip quickly. I sealed it with my favorite Glisten & Glow Top Coat, which made it extra shiny. The top coat didn’t entirely smooth the polish – it was still pebbley.

I was impressed by how long this glitter lasted with the top coat – it still looked decent when I took it off.

October Julep Maven Box – Trancing in the Moonlight

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What does “Trancing in the Monnlight” mean?

I am not a fan of Trance Electronica personally – I find it boring. The nail polishes I picked this month are ANYTHING but boring. I picked Boho Glam “Trixy”galactic rose glitter, Classic with a Twist “Laurie”deep crimson shimmer, and Wonder Maven “Marlise”luminous borealis glitter. I am thinking that I will use “Trixy” with my Halloween costume.

My absolute favorite thing in the box were the silver nail stickers – skulls, snakes and spiders, oh my! I hope they have some left so I can add to next month’s box!

I used Jules to finally restock on Oxygen Bonding Base Coat – YAY!

Oh look, a solitary Lime Tootsie Roll. Thanks, I guess. I’d been bitching about no candy, so I should be happy, right?

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Julep “Lina” is a blinding white gold metallic. It would look so much better than someone not as pasty white as me. But it still looks pretty damn good, if I do say so myself…

I was afraid that it would be a sheer shimmer, but it ended up being full coverage. I love full coverage metallic polishes. This is two coats of “Lina” over Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

The polish was fairly long lasting, but it couldn’t stand up to planting 72 spinach plants this morning. We’re going to have spinach for daysssss…


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Dupe Alert! Julep “Hana” is a pretty close dupe for Sinful Colors “Readie or Not”, which I tried out just a month ago. I’m not even mad though – I love purpley polishes.

Julep “Hana” was the first polish I’ve sampled from this month’s Julep box. I was under the impression that it would be lighter and more rosy from the bottle, but nope.

This is two coats over Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat.

I thought that the cuticle on my index finger was looking better, but it’s not. I need to put some oil on it or something.

September Julep Maven Box – Flawless Without the Fuss

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It’s been a while since I went all polish. This month’s “Flawless Without the Fuss” promoted beauty products were the Insta-Filter Powder and Cushion Complexion, which I got last month.

I picked three shiny, earthy polishes: Wonder Maven “Lina” – lunar gold metallic, Classic with a Twist “Kay”warm taupe with gold microshimmer – and Boho Glam “Hana”smoked plum multidimensional shimmer. Julep did a really good job with the warm fall tones for this collection. I cannot wait to dig into these. OH, I also got a sheet of black nail diamonds.

So what happened to the candy? I haven’t gotten candy in my box in MONTHS. Sometimes, it was shitty, but sometimes it was really good candy. Mostly, I just want the option to complain about the candy. Boo.

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I done fucked up.

I didn’t realize that I was out of Julep Oxygen Bonding Base Coat. I dipped into the bottle and I barely got a brush of thick goop. It was still within my Julep Maven window, so I figured I would just add some to my September box…but it wasn’t available to swap into my box or add to my box. Well fuck. It is still available to purchase on the site, but I really don’t know if I want to pay $14.40 for it…ugh, I’ll have to wait until I get a really good coupon.

I really wanted to try Julep “Ari” though – it reminds me of a candy apple, which I absolutely hate – but they’re pretty to look at…so I tried it out over Sinful Colors Base Coat. “Ari” is not quite a jelly, but not quite a creme – it’s somewhere in between. “Ari” did NOT play well with the Sinful Colors Base Coat. It almost seemed to bead off of it. Bah. Jellies are tricky, but they shouldn’t be this tricky. “HK Girl” got me past most of the difficulty, but THAT bottle is thickening and getting old, too. Luckily, I have a back-up that I can bring into the rotation soon.