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Heart of Sass

I love me some flakies!

Sally Hansen “Heart of Sass” was an impulse clearance purchase on an Ulta order around last Thanksgiving. I wanted something different, so I dug into my pile of untried polish…

This is two coats of “Heart of Sass” over Sally Hansen Double Duty. The first three fingers are glossy, topped with Glisten & Glow Top Coat. My ring finger and pinky were matte, with Glisten & Glow Matte Top Coat.

I absolutely prefer the matte look – it reminds me of a Pink Grapefruit gummy bear – my favorite flavor.



Black nail polish is usually more trouble than it’s worth. Sure, it looks amazing…for about 10 minutes, until it chips and you want to take it off immediately. Black nail polish – and really, any dark color – looks really, really bad when it chips. Guess what, motherfucker? Julep “Bernadette – Black Onyx for February” is the longest wearing black nail polish I’ve ever used.

Technically, “Bernadette” is not black, it’s black onyx birthstone microshimmer with silver glitter. Whatever, this stuff did NOT chip on me. It lasted 6 days with minimal edge wear. Fantastic.

This is two coats of “Bernadette” over Glisten & Glow Base Coat and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat. I LOVE it – it warms my goth little heart.

Oh, and since when did February have another birthstone besides Amethyst? As a Februarian, why is this the first I’m hearing of it? Off I go to replace my tons of Amethyst jewelry with Black Onyx.


Ice Ice Cherry!

I was feeling dainty when I decided to try out Sinful Colors Quick Bliss “Ice Ice Cherry!” – too cold, too cold.

“Ice Ice Cherry!” is the lightest iridescent pink polish. Even though the polish is rather sheer, I got nearly full coverage in two coats. I think it helped that I used Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat, because it masked any stains on my nails and created a good blank slate.

I feel like I may have made a little mistake with it though. I didn’t realize until after I applied Glisten & Glow Top Coat that the polish has a bit of texture, with a finish similar to “Bite”. The top coat made the edges super jagged and crunchy – but it also prevented chipping and it lasted on my nails quite a while.


Joe Exotic Nails

You know I’ve been chomping at the bit to do Joe Exotic Nails – and I finally figured out a way to make it work!

I do NOT have faith in my freehand painting skills anymore, so I’d been hesitant to try painting tiger stripes on my nails. There’s just no way it wouldn’t look shit. But then I remembered the shit ton of Jamberry Nail Wraps that I got years and years ago. I hunted through the piles and found a single White Tiger Strip in a pack of samples that Kimberley had sent me – score!

Once I added the Jamberry to my ring finger, I had to duplicate Joe Exotic’s glitz and glamour. I decided to go with his ICONIC teal lewk, as opposed to his hot pink wedding lewk. I started with Sally Hansen Double Duty for the base coat, and then two coats of Sally Hansen Color Therapy “Reflecting Pool”. I topped with my favorite turquoise and copper glitter, Nicole by OPI “Pick of the Glitter”. I finished with Glisten & Glow Top Coat. It turned out AMAZING!

I had forgotten how annoying Jamberry Wraps can be if you don’t cut them exactly perfect. I kept getting the edge stuck in my fucking hair. As badass as my nails looked – I could only stand to wear this look for two days.

Now I wish I had another set of White Tiger Wraps, so I could do Roy Horn Nails…



Ooooh, this is nice.

Julep “Geneva” made me feel like a unicorn princess. It’s an iridescent blurple sparkle polish.

This is two coats over Glisten & Glow Base Coat and topped with Glisten & Glow Top Coat. It is a sheer glitter, but the dense shimmer gives the illusion of full coverage.

“Geneva” was included in the very last Julep Mystery Box last year – “Glisten Up” – but I got it in my last big sale haul.


Neon Skittles

You know, I think this is my first “Skittle Mani”. A “Skittle Mani” is pretty simple – just a different color on each nail, so it looks like you’re holding a handful of skittles! I decided to finish off the rest of the Sinful Colors “Sporty Brights” Collection.

Thumb to pinky, I used “Werk Out”, “Shoot & Swishhh”, “Fit Chick”, “Fitspo”, and “Trainers”. I did two coats (over Glisten & Glow Base Coat), on all my nails, EXCEPT the yellow, “Shoot & Swishhh”. I had to do three coats on “Shoot & Swishhh” – it was streaky as hell, no matter what I did. The third coat made it barely tolerable. I maybe should’ve done three coats on all of them – that visible nail line…I topped with Sinful Colors Rubber Top Coat.

My nails coincidentally match the best beaver scrunchie EVER.


Slow Down

This is it – I’ve found the perfect polish to match Kat Von D “Lolita” – my favorite shade of lipstick. (It’s even better than Sinful Colors “Vacation Time”.) This is Context Skin “Slow Down”, from this month’s ipsy bag.

“Slow Down” is a chestnut mauve creme. This is two coats over Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat. It was smooth and self leveling, and the brush was great. I topped my thumb and ring finger with Glisten & Glow Matte Top Coat and the rest with Glisten & Glow Top Coat. This polish is so drastically different with the two top coats – I love it both ways – and I cannot decide which one is better!

Do you like how it perfectly matches the brick on my house?

“Slow Down” will be my new go-to shade for my toes – I cannot wait to try it out after my next pedicure!


Chester Cheetah

My nails are…dangerously cheesy!

I had a spark of inspiration to create “Chester Cheetah” nails that actually SMELL like Cheetos!

After Glisten & Glow Ridge Filling Base Coat, I did two coats of Sinful Colors “Cheese Puff”. I didn’t know how the two brands would interact when I topped my nails with Zoya Leopard Spots Topper, but I was pleasantly surprised that the topper not only worked, but crackled even better than over Zoya Pixie Dusts.

I wasn’t exactly surprised that this manicure chipped exceptionally quickly. It was fine though – my fingers were super stinky.



There’s something magical about metallic nail polish – it’s my favorite.

This is Sally Hansen Color Therapy “Therapewter”. The bottle says “Argan Oil Formula”, which is even MORE magical…because argan nuts travel through a goat’s digestive tract before being expressed into argan oil!

I got beautiful coverage in just two coats. This is two coats over Sally Hansen Double Duty and under Glisten & Glow Top Coat. It lasted a looong time without chips – honestly, I was impressed.

Pewter is an underrated finish. I used to have this pair of Naturalizer shoes in pewter that I wore literally until the soles wore through. I also appreciate pewter jewelry, but it’s rare these days. Bring back pewter!


Donut Even

Here it is, the final scented polish from the Sinful Colors Sweet & Salty Collection – “Donut Even”. Even though it smelled DELICIOUS, I hated this polish.

I have always hated long bar glitters. They invariably lift up and snag things. “Donut Even” was no exception. The bar glitters bunched up in the edges of my nails, which then led to them to lifting up and either peeling up or getting snagged in my hair. It also chipped the easiest of all the scented polishes. I assume it was due to the lifting bar glitters? This is two coats over Glisten & Glow Base Coat.

“Donut Even” did have the strongest smell – it reminded me of sugary donut glaze. Doesn’t it look just like a Homer Simpson donut?