My Best Friend Thinks I’m an Idiot


For some reason, my BFF thinks I’m an idiot…is it because I keep buying more Julep polishes? I have it on good authority that she is also expecting a Julep shipment…with 4 polishes!

I took advantage of the August 8th Magic Eightball Coupon to get 50% off these two polishes from Julep’s Birthstone Collection. “Martina” – Ruby for July is named after Martina McBride. I know she’s a country singer, but I couldn’t name one of her songs if I had a gun to my head. “Claudia” – Peridot for August is named for Claudia Schiffer, the 90s supermodel. Is she still alive?

I am Peridot-ing my fingers as soon as I click “Publish”.

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