The Supreme


So, since Daylight Savings Time ended, it’s dark when I get home and I have had to get creative to find good enough light to take nail pictures. My husband switched all of the bulbs to LED, which saves money…but LED lights SUCK for pictures. I get so-so results in my bathroom, but this time I used my son’s desk lamp. It’s better, but not ideal. Nothing beats sunlight, but I guess I’m screwed until March.

This is Delush Polish “The Supreme” from the “Scream Supreme Collection”, inspired by American Horror Story. It’s a blood red jelly, filled with different sizes of red glitter. The red is so deep that’s hard to see all the glitter. Orly Bonder for the base coat and I used Sally Hansen Diamond Flash for the top coat…except for my ring finger. I hadn’t tried out Zoya Matte Velvet Top Coat yet and OH MY GAWD. I love it so much more on this polish than the shiny shiny. It dries super quick, too – almost like a quick dry!

Only three more Delushies to try!

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