I’m a Pepper!


Don’t you want to be a Pepper, too?

Julep “Maryam” (from this month’s “Chrysalis Collection”) looks like a Dr. Pepper Can. Julep may say its dark merlot shimmer, but I don’t drink merlot. Actually, I don’t drink Dr. Pepper either – it’s too sickly sweet for me. I actually steer clear of any dark maroon liquids. Ever since that incident with the Grape Mad Dog 20/20 in High School…blech.

You’ll notice that my thumb and ring finger are more mauve – I used Julep “Tilda” Metamorphic Top Coat on those nails. The result was very subtle – just a little lighter and more purpley. I’m thinking it will look good over blues.

Someday, I’ll actually find a quick dry top coat that plays nice with Julep polishes. Orly Bonder works with no issues, but Sally Diamond Flash seems to create bubbles no matter what. Grrrr…

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