Addiction Perfection


I have a pile of a couple dozen polishes that I haven’t tried yet, so I grabbed Urban Decay “Addiction”. It reminds me of the dark green ink on a new dollar bill.

After Orly Bonder, I did two quick coats of “Addiction”. I was super excited to try Dream Polish Gem Glam Top Coat. It’s quite different than “HK Girl”. It’s thinner and doesn’t smell like epoxy. I actually ordered a scented variety – “Lily Flower”. The scent was almost overpowering last night, but it’s very faint today. It dries a tad slower, but it’s still quick drying. It’s not as smooth as glass and a tad less shiny, but it photographs beautifully. Being slightly less shiny is better, since it lets the polish’s beauty speak for itself. I want to try it over a few different polishes before I declare it the perfect top coat, but I’m really excited that it’s “5 free” – I don’t want to get finger cancer!

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