Halloween Whopper


So…I broke down and ate one of those Halloween Whoppers from Burger King – you know, the one with the black bun? Turns out, the black bun turns your poop green. Not the muted green after a tasty blue snow cone, or the dark green after a spinach salad – but GREEN – bright green. Of course, Buzzfeed is all over it.

Instead of sending poo pictures to my friends and relatives, I figured that the easiest way to communicate the effect of the Halloween Whopper is through my fingernails. Here is is folks, THIS is the color I was stuck with for two whole DAYS. It’s China Glaze “Four Leaf Clover” and it is MAGNIFICENT. Bask in the glory of my poo color.

I’ve had this polish since before I even started this site. Lily picked it out for me for Christmas one year. It’s almost as if she KNEW. This is two coats over Sinful Colors Base Coat with “HK Girl”. I got a bit of crusties – I need to be more careful. (I mean on my nails, not on my butt.)

2 Comments to Halloween Whopper

  1. Luci says:

    That…is disgusting. Make you wonder what sort of artificial junk they put in there. Eww.

  2. Lara says:

    CBS News says it is the blue food coloring mixing with bile…but it might be witchcraft!


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