You Can’t Win Them All


Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. This combination is a loser.

After Sinful Colors Base Coat, I painted two coats of Sinful Colors “Gold Medal” on each nail – except the pinky. My pinky got THREE coats of Sinful Colors “All About You” – and it’s still ridiculously sheer. I left my thumb alone and tried different layers of “All About You” on my middle three fingers. Things seemed to go okay until my ring finger – I’m still not quite sure what the fuck happened there. I think brush got stuck a little in the middle of my nail? “HK Girl” smoothed most of the weirdness…most of it.

So, I rather liked “Gold Medal” on it’s own and even with a layer of “All About You” – see my middle finger. But the gradients didn’t work right. I kind of like the sheer “All About You” on its own, but the two polishes just don’t mix well at all. Oh well…

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