Alice Through the Looking Glass

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Look…I could give a shit about Alice Through the Looking Glass movie coming out…but the new Urban Decay Alice Through the Looking Glass palette ($60) – that’s a big fucking deal!

I was expecting it to become available on May 1st, but I was surprised to see it show up on the Ulta site on April 28th. I was at Ulta on April 29th, a quick pit stop on my way to Texas Frightmare Weekend. I stopped in The Woodlands, knowing that if it was out of stock, I could also stop in Conroe.

It was so pretty, I had to open it in the car. The packaging is very elaborate – the top opens up and a butterfly pops up. I’d heard that it is supposed to play a tune, but I haven’t figured out how to make it play. The shadows slide out of a drawer on the bottom. 20 new shadows, 4 for each character – Alice, Mad Hatter, Mirana, Iracebeth and Time.

I also had to swatch all of the Urban Decay Alice Lipsticks ($18): (L-R) “Time”, “Mirana”, “Mad Hatter”, “Iracebeth” and “Alice”. At first, I thought I would get the blue one – “Time”, but where would I wear blue lipstick? Work?

I played it safe and picked “Mirana”.

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The best part? The palette was FREE and the lipstick was almost FREE, because I’d been hoarding my Ulta points for the last 10 months and had $72 of points built up. Go ME!

Oh yeah, I also grabbed a clearance OPI polish – “My Gecko Does Tricks” ($4.99), a green that I’d been coveting for a while.

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