Cool Shit I Forgot About

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Don’t you love it when you’re clearing up around the house and find a bag of cool shit that you bought and forgot about?

I found this Walgreen’s bag full of stuff in the couch cushions…I made a lunch trip…last week? I was specifically looking for the Batman Girls Lip Paints from Tattoo Junkee. I decided on the red Harley Quinn Lip Paint + Lip Effects ($6.99), but they also had a Batgirl Blue and Catwoman Hot Pink. I wanted to try one out before I bought them all. I’m intrigued by adding shimmer to matte lip paints…what are the odds that I’ll end up with glitter all over my face?

I also grabbed four more of the clearance Kylie Sinful Colors polishes – “North Star”, “Krushed Velvet”, “I Klove U” (WTF?), and “Magik Touch”. These are down 10 cents to $1.49 each…might have to scoop up a few more if they go lower.

I wonder what else is in my couch…

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