You Say Tomato…

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Is it orangey red? Or reddish orange? I can’t tell exactly what color Sinful Colors “HollyWood” is.

In any case, “HollyWood” reminds me of a juicy, ripe tomato. My husband is NOT a fan. He asked, “This is one of those one day polishes, right?” He hates tomatoes with the passion of a sugared up three year old.

This is two coats of “HollyWood” over Sinful Colors Base Coat. I’m getting much more comfortable with matte polishes. The Sinful Colors polishes are much tougher than the Zoya polishes I started with – they can take 8-9 hours of laptop pounding. Don’t be afraid of the matte – embrace the matte.

Oh…and it also matches KitKat wrappers. I know this because I have been sneaking them out of my kids’ loot bags since Halloween. Shhhhh…

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