Whiteout…with Glitter in it

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Look at this polish. Look closer. NO, closer.

Put your face up to the screen. Do you see that? No, it’s not whiteout with glitter in it. It might look white, but it is a pale purple with gold shimmer. This is beyond pastel – there’s the slightest bit of tint.

This is another one of those Kylie polishes – Sinful Colors “North Star” – from the “Trend Matters” Collection. I am inexplicably drawn to these matte polishes. The Sinful Colors matte polish formula is so good. It is the perfect consistency – not too thick and not too thin. Perfect, full coverage in just two coats. It sticks like glue to Sinful Colors Base Coat – I feel like I get a really long wear out of it.

I could have done a better job around the cuticle. Will I ever get better at dealing with my goddamn cuticles?

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