Pistachio Praline…again.

Yes, I know St. Patrick’s Day was last week. I am WAY behind on posting.

I started off St. Patrick’s Day Week with Sinful Colors “Pistachio Praline” – no base coat, no top coat, just two coats of “Pistachio Praline”. It looked lovely for a day or two, but then it started flaking off BAD. I think I only wore it three days last week? I did not even make it to St. Patrick’s Day.

I loved the gold shimmer in the green – why does it look so familiar?

I’ll tell you why…because I wore this polish less than two months ago. Ya’ll…between work and school and two teenagers and COVID-19 and WWIII…my head is barely screwed on straight. I feel like it’s the apocalypse, but I still have to do my day job. Fuck.

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