The Great Northern Candle Company

I had never even heard of The Great Northern Candle Company, until my sister posted one of their ads on my Facebook wall. It was an ad announcing the launch of a Twin Peaks themed fragrance called “Laura”. You sonofabitch, I’m in!

I admit, I was ready to spend $88 on a full size “Laura” perfume…but once on their site, I found that you could get a 5ml sample for $10…and THEN I saw MORE Twin Peaks themed scents! I ultimately picked a discovery set – 6 5ml samples for $42 – $7 each!

“Laura” is Sour Cherry + Woodsmoke, and is sexy and seductive. It has a note that reminds me of Rapture, maybe the apricot? This is not an everyday scent, but I could see buying a full size though.

“Blue Rose” is Rose + Cedar and I knew I would love it. I want the full size, I want the candle, I want this scent on me EVERY DAY.

“Josie” is Tobacco Leaf + Vanilla Milk and it made me sneeze uncontrollably.

“Cooper” is Musk + Coffee Bean + Douglas Fir. It’s a good unisex fragrance – very wintery.

“One Eyed Jacks” is Smoked Whiskey + Honey. I don’t hate it, but I don’t love it either.

“The Roadhouse” is Apple Bourbon + Cedarwood. Another more unisex fragrance that I don’t hate or love. I think I would like it more as a candle than on my body.

After I placed my order, they released a few new Twin Peaks scents! There’s an Audrey scent and a few others that are only available in candle form. Ugh, I’m going to be dropping some money here, for sure. Stay tiuned for more scents from The Great Northern Candle Company.

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