I’m a Sinful Glitterwhore


I wanted a coke, so I spent my lunch break at Walgreen’s…

I am so full of shit, I can taste it. I just wanted some more cheap fingernail polish…because I am a glitterwhore. Oh, and Easter Candy is now 75% off – more Russell Stover Eggs, Ghiradelli squares and CHOCOLATE COVERED PEEPS.

I picked up 3 glitters from Sinful Colors – “Nail Junkie” (an apt name for my illness and this blue glitter), “Bombshell” (reminds me of the beach – gold and aqua glitter, with a little bit of pink) and “Call You Later” (Shamrock green glitter).

My husband wants to paint a car with “Call You Later” – he sheepishly admitted it to me when he was inspecting my purchases. How many bottles of polish would it take to paint a car???

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