Thank You, Julep!

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When it comes to customer service, Julep has never disappointed.

I got an email a few weeks ago that Julep was unable to release the Gel Sunscreen that was missing from last month’s Julep box. No details, but an apology and a code for $50 off my next purchase. I only pay $19.99 for my box each month…and even though I got my two polishes, they sent me a code for $50. $20 would have been generous…but $50! I immediately got online and ordered all 3 of this month’s Mystery Boxes ($19.99 each). I paid just $9.97 for all three boxes – 21 polishes in total. That’s less than 50 cents a polish!

The Shimmer and Glitters box came with “Pepper”, “Neely”, “Queen Anne” (already got this one), “Oscar” (got this one, too); “Roxanne”, “Judy”, and “Tish” (and this one). The box also had metallic temporary tattoos.

The Metallics box has “Penny”, “Rachael” (got it).“Marika” (got it), “Sawyer”, “Joss”, “Missy”, and “Mia” (pretty sure I got this one in one of my first boxes). This box came with gold chevron nail decals.

The Brights box included “Jenna”, “Connie”, “Suzanne”, “Lee” (got it), “Sam”, “Ari”, and “Danica”. Light blue nail chevrons were included in this box.

21 polishes with only 7 repeats – not bad! Thank you again Julep – your customer service exceeds expectations yet again!

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