Invisible Wiener


I hate posing my hand like this, without polishes. It looks like I am holding an invisible wiener…or sausage…or um, frankfurter…cylindrical meat product? There is just no good way to say it.

On top of Julep “Natalia”, I tried 5 different glitters to see which one looks the best – I cannot decide! They all look awesome!

Thumb – Julep “Oscar” – Multi-dimensional gold glitter

Index – essie Luxeffects “A Cut Above”Shattered pink diamond glitz lacquer

Middle – Julep “Jane” –ย Full-coverage rose gold multi-dimensional glitter

Ring – essie Luxeffects “Set in Stones”Disco mirror ball chaos

Pinky – Julep “Antonia” –ย Light pink holographic diamond glitter top coat

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  1. LaLa says:

    I like them all too!

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