Chyna…All the Way to New York


I refuse to associate the lovely Zoya “Chyna” with this Chyna, so I’m going to think about the Tori Amos song instead.

“Chyna” is one of the original Pixie Dusts and quite possibly the best! It would be impossible for me not to compare “Chyna” to Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. Two quick coats and my fingernails were completely dry within 5 minutes – did I mention how much I LOVE Pixie Dust? No base coat or top coat necessary – a perfect Sunday night polish.

How do you like the lighting over my husband’s bathroom sink? I usually take pictures outside in natural light, but I got caught up in Sharknado 2 and by the time I remembered, it was dusk.

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  1. Luci says:

    That’s GORGEOUS! I don’t wear polish often on my fingers, but on my toes I do…I might just have to find this! PS: lighting in the pic looks good too!

    • Lara says:

      It’s hard to find Pixie Dusts in the store sometimes, so you might have to order online. Zoya’s most recent promo expired yesterday, but they have specials ALL the time – like them on Facebook for the scoop…

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