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Exactly NO ONE is shocked that I would grab the Wizard of Oz themed polish first.

MJ Lacquers “Oz” is from November’s Polish Pickup and the first polish I’ve tried by MJ Lacquers. It’s a dense, DENSE glitter and I love it. More glitters should be impossibly dense like this.

This is two coats of “Oz” over Vibrant Scents Double Bond Base Coat in “Island Petals” and topped with Glisten & Glow Glitter Grabber and Vibrant Scents Top Coat in “Island Petals”.


Polish Pickup November 2023 – Fairytales & Folklore

It was so hard not to buy 20 polishes this month – I LOVE the Fairytales & Folklore theme. Most were based on stories and legends, but there were quite a few Taylor Swift (Folklore) polishes. I thought I got a variety of polishes…turns out that the three I picked are primarily GREEN.

MJ Lacquers “Oz” ($12.75) is a black crelly, loaded with every color of glitter, iridescent flakies and shimmer. The green flakies are the most prominent aspect in the polish. Of course, it’s inspired by The Wizard of Oz.

Adored Colors “Baba Yaga” ($12.50) is a green shimmer, filled with earthy glitter. It’s inspired by the witch of Slavic folklore.

Psyche Minerals “Shapeshifting in the Moor” ($13) is a glittery multichrome polish that shifts all colors of the rainbow. It’s inspired by the púca – a celtic goblin.

I couldn’t pass up another bottle of Baroness X Acetone Antidote in “Chocolate Croissant” ($8). As soon as I opened it, I wanted to eat it. I didn’t.


Revolution x Wizard of Oz

When a brand releases a Wizard of Oz collaboration, I listen…and it’s a lot easier when it’s one of my favorite brands, like Revolution. (I had no problem skipping Kylie Jenner’s Wizard of Oz Collaboration last year.)

I was fortunate to hit a 30% off sale and got both the Revolution x Wizard of Oz Emerald City Set ($33.60, down from $48) and the Revolution x Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road Set ($14, down from $20).

The Revolution x Wizard of Oz Emerald City Set includes an 18-pan Ruby Slipper Eye Shadow Palette, a gold eyeliner, two lip glosses (plum & pink), a lovely blush that is VERY similar to my favorite blush (NARS “Orgasm”), a Toto Blending Sponge, a silver Tin Man Highlighter, and two hair ties with BLUE GINGHAM bows. I have been using the the blush and glosses (over WONDERSKIN stains) continuously.

The Revolution x Wizard of Oz Yellow Brick Road Set includes a 15-pan Eye Shadow Palette, 2 Eye Shadow Brushes, and a gold shimmering lip gloss. I’ve been using this palette more than the Ruby Slipper one, because it’s nudes and golds.

There was also another little something in the order, but it’s an Xmas gift, so I’ll keep it to myself.

I also got a free gift – that I totally did not find in the box – until I reviewed my receipt to write this post. (I actually dug had to dig through my pile of cardboard shipping boxes to find it – embarrassing.) I got a free palette worth $6 – Makeup Reloaded Shadow Palette – Affection. I haven’t tried it yet…and I am a little scared because it’s a “pressed pigment” palette, NOT eye shadow. It’s got stuff in it that shouldn’t be used around the eyes…at least not in the US. I guess I’ll try it on my eyes the next time I leave the country? KIDDING!


Starlet Fever


I got Starlet Fever – Sinful Colors “Starlet Fever”.

I wanted to transition from Green Week to Easter Week with a sheer Spring pastel, but all that green left my nails with a yellow tint. Instead of just sheer, I chose a sheer glitter. “Starlet Fever” is cotton candy pink with fuchsia and iridescent glitter. This is two coats over Sinful Colors Base Coat and under “HK Girl”.

I feel like I’ve got a kind of Glinda vibe going on…but I asked Lily if I looked like a good witch or a bad witch – that was a mistake. She didn’t hesitate to say “bad witch”. I guess I should have asked her before washing my makeup for the night…


The Wicked Witch of the East


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OK – this is it – the last Halloween manicure you’ll have to see this year!

We’re that lame family that sometimes does theme costumes. Not every year, but we’ve done it more than once. This year – the theme is The Wizard of Oz. My son is a flying monkey, my husband is the Tin Man, my daughter is the Wicked Witch of the West and I am the Wicked Witch of the East. Oh yeah, the dog is Dorothy. By far, I have the easiest costume – all I needed was a witch hat, striped socks and ruby slippers. Oh…and my nails did.

I used Jamberry Stripes and Chevrons on my thumb and pinky. I used Zoya “Chyna” on my middle three fingers. (This is two coats over Zoya Armour.)

Do you like my doorstop? My little sister got it for me a few Xmases ago…


VIB, Bitches!


A few weeks ago, I finally made Sephora VIB! I was buying a birthday gift for my Loo, so no celebratory post at the time…but I can celebrate the 10% off code that I got to use on this order!

I’d had my eye on the Deborah Lippman Wicked Nail Lacquer Trio on the Sephora Sale page for a couple months, at least. $15, down from $20…and even sweeter with 10% off. I just can’t resist Oz-related beauty products – I’m still kicking myself for missing the Urban Decay Theodora Palette. The set includes “Popular”Glinda’s glistening pink, “Defying Gravity”Elphaba’s unlimited green, and “One Short Day”positively perfect emerald. Maybe I should watch the musical at some point? Oh yeah – these are my FIRST DL polishes!

I say stupid stuff – like that I don’t want to spend $21 on a lipstick – but $18.90 is acceptable? Well, whatever – but I fell in love with Kat Von D Studded Kiss in “Piaf” when I swatched it on my arm in the store. It’s a rich dark chocolate with purple shimmer – I’ve never seen anything like it…


…and then I wore it to work today. I am still not used to dark lipstick on myself. I felt like a freak – even though 20, even 15 years ago, I only wore dark lipstick. I caught a glimpse of myself in the bathroom mirror at work and spooked myself – I looked like nightmare Laura Palmer.

By the middle of the day, I was loving “Piaf”. Phew – I was afraid I would never wear it again and had flushed $18.90 down the drain.

Oh yeah – my samples: NUDE Progenius Omega Treatment Milk (I have no idea); Bumble and bumble. Surf foam wash shampoo and creme rinse conditioner; and Moss Commodity eau de parfum (I *think* it is the men’s version, but I cannot even tell).


Click Your Heels


When I first heard about Julep “Martina” – Ruby for July, my first though was Martina Navratilova. That makes no sense at all, does it? “Martina” is actually named for Martina McBride…again, I am drawing a blank.

“Martina” is even more Ruby Slippers-like than Julep “Ruby Slippers” – how is that even possible? It’s a deep ruby glitter – almost matte. It’s very similar to Zoya “Chyna” – but without the texture.

Like I did with Julep “Claudia”, I started with Sally Hansen Diamond Shine and did two coats – no top coat. Next time I’ll try a top coat, because it wasn’t shiny at all.

It’s time to cut my nails – after less than 12 hours, the tips are already starting to chip. The tips of my nails have peeled too much and nothing will stick. I guess I know what I’m doing tonight…


Chyna…All the Way to New York


I refuse to associate the lovely Zoya “Chyna” with this Chyna, so I’m going to think about the Tori Amos song instead.

“Chyna” is one of the original Pixie Dusts and quite possibly the best! It would be impossible for me not to compare “Chyna” to Dorothy’s ruby red slippers. Two quick coats and my fingernails were completely dry within 5 minutes – did I mention how much I LOVE Pixie Dust? No base coat or top coat necessary – a perfect Sunday night polish.

How do you like the lighting over my husband’s bathroom sink? I usually take pictures outside in natural light, but I got caught up in Sharknado 2 and by the time I remembered, it was dusk.


Vernis Equinox


I wanted to do something “Springlike” to celebrate the Vernal Equinox, but instead, I ended up looking like the Easter Bunny puked all over my fingers.

Like Julep said, green polish is a bitch to get off. Although Julep “Party’s Over” took off the glitter like a champ, I was left with stained green Wicked Witch nails. Julep “Vanish” cuticle remover helped immensely, but there was still a yellow boogery tint to my nails. What better way to combat my Wicked Witch nails, than to lay down a coat of Julep “Glinda the Good Witch”? I topped Glinda with Sally Hansen “Green Rocket”, to camouflage any remaining bit of green.

My husband said that my nails look like his favorite Easter candy – speckled egg jelly beans…while I think they more closely resemble Cadbury Milk Chocolate Eggs. In any case, far too Easter-y for me!


Red Ruby Tootsies

Ruby Red slippers…Ruby Red Toenails.

I was a bit disappointed in Julep’s “Ruby Slippers” – I guess I was expecting a full coverage glitter, but this is more sheer. I got decent coverage with 2 coats, but as my husband put it – “subtle”. Next time I use it, I’m going to try it as a topcoat over a plain red. Maybe that will give me the technicolor pop I’m looking for?

…and don’t give me shit about that one random toe hair – I didn’t think to groom before I took the pic.