Moldy Charms


So…I was not overly excited when I received 100% Pure “Seafoam” in my CEW Prestige Box. Not because of the brand – I’d never heard of it before – but because of the color. It looked not like seafoam, but like mold. Not that tangy greenish/gray mold you find on your bread, but the scary greenish/white Penicillin that you find on leftovers in the refrigerator. (Why yes, that DOES happen to me a lot. I’ve found fossilized mold in my fridge before.)

Starting with Revlon Quick Dry Base Coat, the first coat of “Seafoam” was super streaky. The second coat was perfect though. It actually didn’t look bad on it’s own, but I decided to pretty it up with a top coat – Revlon Top Speed “Celestial FX”. I love the base, but the tiny moons, stars and diamonds were far too sparse in the polish. (Lucky Charms, but without the hearts and horseshoes!!!) I had to do major digging to get any on my brush. I only got 2-3 pieces per nail, which kind of defeats the point. I tried to place the shapes, but it started sinking into the “Seafoam”, so I stopped. I finished up with Revlon Quick Dry Top Coat.

It doesn’t look bad – the surface was really smooth and shiny, but it just wasn’t me. I took it off so I could try something else…

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