Datsun 210

Nancoco “Orange Wonderland” reminds my of my mom’s very first new car – a 1980 Datsun 210. That little car was a big deal to her…so it was a big deal to us. She had a Gremlin before that and it was a piece of shit. Even though it was probably the cheapest car on the market at the time, it was NEW.

I was able to coax the last few drops out of my bottle of Sinful Colors Base Coat – I get to use my new one next time! Then I painted 2 coats of “Orange Wonderland” – it’s a swirly shimmer, so there were a few brush marks…and bubbles, oh the bubbles! At least with a shimmer, the bubbles aren’t too noticeable. “HK Girl” for the win.

I wish I could remember what happened to that Datsun – I’m thinking she just traded it in when she got a Sales Rep job that required a lot of driving or maybe it was because I bitched too much about having to wiggle my long legs into the backseat.

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