Slim Pickins


It’s been literally MONTHS (like 3!) since Sinful Colors have been on sale at Walgreens. Unfortunately, it’s the same sale as last time – $1.50…and none of the Kylie polishes are included. It’s annoying – not because I want to give money in ANY way to the KKK – but because literally 95% of the new polishes this year are Kylie-related. There are a few cute colors that look unique, but not cute enough to pay full price for.

I weeded through the regular collection and managed to find a few I hadn’t bought yet: “Rocket Out” – a ritzy 4th of July glitter with stars, “Bangin’ Blue” – a blue glitter, which I’m hoping is the blue version of “Devil’s Stare”, and “Sugar High” – a blue textured polish that my husband says is purple.

Maybe if I go to another Walgreen’s, I’ll find a few more that I don’t have yet…

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