The New Normal?

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So is this the new normal at Walgreens?

The Sinful Colors sale is 2/$3 now? Pfffpht.

Even so, I went ahead and picked up a few – it feels like it’s been forever since Walgreen’s has had a Sinful Colors sale – this is the first one of the year!

I picked “Gold N’ Roses”, “I’m All In”, “Feeling Lucky?” and “San Francisco”.

I also grabbed another Sinful Colors Base Coat – can’t risk running out.

Just a warning…this Walgreen’s deal ended yesterday…you’ll have to wait for the next one.

Of course, the first one I grabbed was the rose gold – “Gold N’ Roses”. Plus…the name!!! Guns N’ Roses was my very first concert – a gift for my 16th birthday.

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First – Sinful Colors Base Coat. “Gold N’ Roses” went on like a dream – it was smooth as buttah. This is a super high quality polish – comparable to the Zoya shimmers. There is a bit of glitter in the polish, not too much. I finished with “HK Girl”.

“Gold N’ Roses” would look really fantastic matte – I’m going to try it soon.

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