Mannequin + Rose Matter

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Seriously, Jeffree Star needs to to STOP releasing new lippies. My pocketbook is feeling the pain…

Jeffree Star Cosmetics launched these two new colors on Wednesday, June 8th. My order shipped on Friday, June 10th and were in my mailbox by Monday, June 13th. His team is getting speedy.

I would have posted sooner, but I wanted to wear both shades for a day before writing…

“Mannequin” is a medium nude, a shade between “I’m Nude” and “Celebrity Skin”. It’s perfect for my skin tone – it looks my skin, but better.

“Rose Matter” is a rosy Flamingo coral on me. It doesn’t look quite the same as pictures I’ve seen online, but it looks like it belongs on me. It’s a bit similar to “Gemini”, but with cool undertones.

No more new colors for at least a month, Jeffree!

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